Tuesday, February 18, 2014

in which I use parentheses to cover up the fact that I don't really understand sentence structure

I’m sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i haven’t written in months (actually I think it’s more like a few weeks, but my perception of time is slowed by the fact that my daily patterns are slowly being altered by school and responsibility and the declining social acceptance of people who ignore everyone (not that I care.), and also, RUMOURS *link*) (both the 1977 Fleetwood Mac album; which is pure perfection and I’ve listened to more than 100 times since last week, and the real life* rumours that I’m getting a  sewing machine/Haim tickets soon. That rumour hasn’t really been taking up much of my time, I just wanted an excuse to talk about rumours again and make a really useless pun.) Did I already mention how sorry I am? I’ve actually been feeling really inspired to write, but not really motivated to write (which, as any guidance counselor/grandpa/over-involved older cousin will tell you: motivation is a very important thing). I have tons of ideas for what to write, but whenever I try to put something down (particularly about a runway show), I’m immediately overcome with the sense that

a) fashion moves way too fast for me to even attempt to keep up with da trendz
a) anything I write will never be good enough
and therefore b) what’s the point of even trying???????

I think I just realized how stupid I sound because “will never be good enough” for who? I’m afraid that I’m losing focus of the reason I even started doing this, which is to write and share things to make MYSELF happy, not to constantly attempt to please whoever’s reading my blog (you guys are great, but notmyprioritysorry)

So from now on, you can expect regularly scheduled ~fashun~ programming as usual.

*I don’t classify the Rumours album as a irl thing because I’m convinced that it was written by a secret cult of fairies who are intent on ruining my life byrendering me incapable of doing anything but sitting on the floor while listening to The Chain on repeat.

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  1. uggh school is rumor city music is my ticket out of there. Youre already a pretty rad writer im sure youll get out of this rut. And yes that grampa counselor with the glasses on the bridge of his nose advice is great to accept. Im sure if you write what you like and are proud of it others will like it too. And if not whatevs. Cant wait for your future posts started to miss ya for a sec lol .

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