Saturday, July 11, 2015

i'm drawn to the blood, the flight of a one winged dove

the sensation of being lost: i took two really long roadtrips through the midwest in april, and i'm still thinking about them. it was around the same time that i was studying  a lot of entomology, and gaining a strange sort of appreciation for the insects that usually make me really uncomfortable.

(odonata via)

i became really obsessed with the endless valleys and plains outside the window, and the general color combination this reminds me of: a faded yellow, brown, and baby blue. the horizontal intersection of a warm sunset with a valley full of flowers. 

or a few days ago when i was sitting on the floor of my room (as a hopeless teen does) and the light was streaming in and bathing the entire place in an orange as deep as the california fruit. i tried to get a picture, but my phone just whitewashed the entire scene. it either mean that i need to learn to appreciate the ephemeral when i can, or that i need an actual camera. 

death valley pt. 2 // january

  • the scene in papillon where elsa looks at a mountain scene and says that it looks like it's part of a scenery calendar, and the grandpa replies that it's better than a calendar. 
    • it might not be possible to get the same effect from looking at nature pics online bc there's an underlying tone that it's not real until you live it and see it w your own eyes (and even then its being filtered and interpreted). 
  • the part in dandelion wine where thomas realizes that he's alive and the whole world seems to be exploding before him
    • sometimes the entire world is so vivid and loud and overwhelming it's hard to believe that you're a real part of it all. 

(my dream french home from an old school project via)

there's also the feeling of getting lost, mostly the way its expressed in picnic at hanging rock. the unavoidable mountain faces, the daze of the heat, the physical manifestation of a deep internal confusion. 


the (metropolitan) yellow sweater , white (elle) sandals and the brown (villager) purse are thrifted, (bdg) mom jeans are uo

thank you! what are you guys feeling right now? 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

we should never say that we drifted far

it just occurred to me that i never really talked about the fact that i took a fashion class for this entire past year even though this is a fashion... blog (i think?) but it was a really cool, positive experience and i learned and grew a lot through it.

i've already posted pictures of the skirt i made for my first fashion show. my last show was supposed to be for aw inspired by this moodboard i made at the beginning:

i was kind of surprised that i was the only one in my class who went this route for being inspired by winter because most of the other moodboards were like "bringing color into the winter," but like winter is cold and hard, and the sooner we deal the sooner we get to spring lol.

i made all the following stuff (i'm pretty proud of myself you guys!) from the end of 1st semester to 2nd semester of 8th grade, except for the black pants worn by the model in the last photo-- those are from express.

(this dress is so poor quality honestly don't look @ it too hard, bc i wanted to do it for a while but only really decided to do it the day before the show smh)

i'm looking forward to making clothes and improving the quality of the stuff i make, and i should also take this chance to say that i'm extremely thankful to have this platform and all of you guys to share my ideas and work with. thank you for reading this!


photos in order of appearance:
(1): geoffrey bawa / (2): favorite houseplants, better homes and gardens 1976 / (3): venice through a kaleidoscope via / (4): via

Saturday, July 4, 2015

could i be the sky on the fourth of july


this outfit isn't at all weather appropriate but whatevr. the red sweater is from my childhood, the white shirt is my dad's, and the blue jeans are express.

i was kind of saving these for an end of the month playlist thing but these are just really good albums that are like the soundtrack to the summer months for me.


AM . arctic monkeys. i listened to so much arctic monkeys in 7th grade oh my gosh. it was on a lot of best albums of 2014 lists so you may have already heard about it, but it definitely deserves all of the praise it got. the writing is all incredibly sleek and clever, the sound is like a funkier rock than their previous stuff i guess. i put it in june because of the way it kind of captures the brazen coolness of the first month of freedom (favorite song - snap out of it).


the only place . best coast has been my go-to summer album for a while because it's all laying at the beach, waiting for nothing to happen, angsty sleepy rock and it basically just plays in the background 24/7. (favorite song - do you love me like you used to)


mala . devandra banhart. this album is swingy and lazy and hot and sticky thoughtful folk-rock which, not to sound ridiculous, is all i want to listen to when anything is winding down and i'm thinking about how i feel. but this album has also been the background to me just working, which is sometimes inconvenient because i just end up JAMMING. it's sweet and funny and completely unexpectedly beautiful. (favorite song - fur hildegard von bingen and because i'm a cheater, a gain)

also another really amazing album, but kind of feels more like spring and the attached concept of rebirth: the title of this song is from carrie & lowell by sufjan stevens which i refuse to shut up about... what summer albums do you reccomend?