Friday, April 17, 2015

it was fun just for a second to be a vagabond musician, but i could use some security now

i listened to no more home, no more love by soko a lot last month, and when i wore this outfit, i was thinking less about the 70s-ballad-singer-yves saint laurent-joni mitchell vibes in this, but more about the idea of just feeling comfortable and at home wherever you are.

whole outfit is thrifted/yard-saled (yes, i do realize that i wear that turtleneck a lot hah) earrings were a gift. 

maryam nassir zadeh's fw 15 rtw also seemed to fit the song well:

i really like this look because the shapes of everything seem to complement one another really well somehow.

i guess this is supposed to be kind of school-teacher-y with the ruffled collar or whatever, and i honestly love this. if i could confine myself to a really simple, comfortable uniform forever (lol), then this could be it. 

the green is a really nice shift from the majority of the palette, and i like the pleats on that dress

this look is so calm and collected, and the colors are really soothing. 

the first thing that i noticed was that her red nose makes her look like she has a cold, and then i realized that all of the models look like they have a cold-- and i just find that really cute and endearing in a way. 

that coat is beautiful..

bibs! all white outfits! comfortable clothing!

this whole outfit kind of reminded me of the alien-invasion aesthetic of espirit dior's pre-fall 2015 show

i don't think i will ever be over monochrome, especially with these shifting shades of brown/beige

that's all for now; i'm going on a school trip soon and it might be a while before i get to post again. i hope you all have a beautiful day <333

Saturday, April 11, 2015

i can't get over you, you left your mark on me

 it was rainy and gloomy outside and consequently, my work ethic (ha)/ will to do stuff basically disappeared. i forced myself to take an outfit photo though!

 the nike shirt as well as the socks are my dad's. #product placement (read: nike if you're seeing this, pay me??) skirt is from a yard sale and dkny shoes that i like because they look a little like vans without actually being vans and making me look like a phony for wearing vans without being a skateboarder or whatever (i know i shouldn't care) used to be my mom's. this outfit was also partly inspired by how impossibly cute ania and her outfits are.

as a side note: this lykke li cover of drake's hold on, we're going home (yes, you read that correctly) has basically changed my life ok. i know they had a song together on the so far gone mixtape but this..... is... ??!?!?!

ok cool, that's all for now. have a lovely day everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

march playlist + outfit!

when i realized i was behind on this playlist thing, i was too lazy to find all the songs on spotify or whatever, so i just put the youtube version:

1. 1998 /  chet faker

2. barasu-ayo / ibeyi

3. pickles from the jar / courtney barnett

4. return to / #1 dads [i already mentioned them here, but this song is so soothing!]

5. tropical oceans / d.d dumbo [this song! ahh! if you only listen to one, listen to this-- it's so catchy and so swingy and he has such a distinct dreamy beach pop sound]

6. unrequited love / lykke li [i lied; listen to this song too]

7. left alone / fiona apple

8. every single night / fiona apple [she's been my favorite singer for a while now, and i was really into her voice and her songwriting this month; she's so talented]

9. fernando / abba [this song makes me a lil nostalgic and sad for some reason, but maybe it's just abba]

10. pedestrian at best / (more) courtney barnett [her songs are so off-kilter, and fun and weird]

11. pulsing / tomas barford [incredible music]

12. killing me softly / lauryn hill [i got into lauryn hill because of my dad, also i love this song]

13. the witch / big fish the musical [musicals! are! so! much! fun! ! also! theater! is! such a great experience! everyone on the face of the earth deserves to do some form of theater at least once inth eir lives; i'm so grateful to have been able to do big fish the musical at my school: the cast and crew was all so talented, and it was such a positive experience and i'm definitely a better person for it. and this is the catchiest song on the soundtrack ]

14. fade into you / sam palladio and clare bowen [long story short, watching nashville is making me really into country songs that are about love and anger and emotion etc-- even though aside from a pre-existing fondness for dolly parton, i used to think that every country song was about trucks or something (trucks are great though!)]

here's an outfit from the moment of my initial excitement about how close spring is:

the windbreaker is from my childhood, back when i hated windbreakers (and turtlenecks! and pop music! and burt's bees! all for some strange arbitrary reason, ahh childhood...). anyway, i love them now, partly because loud, obnoxious clothing makes my heart swell; and in addition to this color, it makes this ridiculous swishy sound when you move in it. this thrifted turtleneck is now one of my favorite articles of clothing. polka-dot dress was a gift and holographic slippers are thrifted. 

not photographed bc i am a noob was this elastic-y wristband from an old whistle that i wore as a choker:

also, sorry for the semi-overuse of '!'-- spring break is just making me feel reallyy good. and i hope yours are going as well. let me know what you think of the outfit or the songs, and thank you for reading!


Friday, April 3, 2015

he called the buildings "cold-hearted", "inhuman", "hideous", and "monstrous".

barbara langendijk afw 2015 were simple, clean japanese-inspired clothes using sheer, knit, leather, and pvc(?) whose forms could be changed by the wearer with the use of clips and draping. normally blank white lines and anything this winter-ish or minimalist would remind me of modernism because it's where form is completely dependent on function (in minimalist clothing and in the need to stay warm during winter). but, there was a harshness in these clothes that reminded me a lot of the cement, abstract structures of brutalist architecture, which i'm trying to finish obsessing over before spring comes and i need to move on to something softer. 

the shape of this is absolutely !!

the layering and what looks like fraying of the material on the side are cool

not sure why, maybe it's the fluffiness that looks like snow, but this reminds me a  bit of the ice princess from sharkboy and lavagirl

the clips are amazing, my only wish is that they were made of cement (who knows how practical that would be though), to fit in more with the brutalism. 

these pants

incredible fabrics; this is an example of where the clips really create an entirely new garment from the same piece. also-- there's also an incredible number of brutalist post-offices.

the bottom looks a bit like paper which is cool, and the double turtleneck, and the slouching sleeves

contrast and layering

and some more architecture that i didn't pair with clothing: 

isn't this the most beautiful theater you've ever seen:, it kind of looks like an abandoned power plant:

 this photo is a part of frederic chaubin's cosmic communist constructions photographed-- a book of 90 buildings built right before the collapse of the USSR that showcase the weird, emotive, and honest architecture of that time. 

one of the criticisms of brutalist architecture that i actually find to be one of the most beautiful things about it is the way that rust and water stains take over the structures when they're exposed to the climate of the countries where they first became popular.

i've only recently gotten super interested in architecture thanks to my english teacher who loves it, and i'm finding it to be really interesting. one of my favorite things that i talked about a little before is the correlation between the design of a building and its use; it would be strange to have a business in a little victorian house. i also love how evocative architecture can be for something made of metal and steel and concrete. what are your opinions on it, and also on the clothes in this collection?
- the title is an anthony daniels quote from here about why he hates brutalist architecture (lol)
- all photos of the lookbook or the show are from here
- the photos of architecture are:
1/14/15(fyodor dostoevsky theater) via | 2 (carpark in hanover, germany) via | 3/8/ 16 (from cosmic communist constructions photographed) via | 4 (d.b. weldon library) via | 5 (pilgrimage church) via | 6 (preston bus station) via | 7 (habitat 67) via |  9/13 via | 10 (preston bus station) via | 11 (university of leeds) via | 12/17/18/19 via