Saturday, April 11, 2015

i can't get over you, you left your mark on me

 it was rainy and gloomy outside and consequently, my work ethic (ha)/ will to do stuff basically disappeared. i forced myself to take an outfit photo though!

 the nike shirt as well as the socks are my dad's. #product placement (read: nike if you're seeing this, pay me??) skirt is from a yard sale and dkny shoes that i like because they look a little like vans without actually being vans and making me look like a phony for wearing vans without being a skateboarder or whatever (i know i shouldn't care) used to be my mom's. this outfit was also partly inspired by how impossibly cute ania and her outfits are.

as a side note: this lykke li cover of drake's hold on, we're going home (yes, you read that correctly) has basically changed my life ok. i know they had a song together on the so far gone mixtape but this..... is... ??!?!?!

ok cool, that's all for now. have a lovely day everyone!


  1. I am in love with the way you play with proportions and how you break rules, and the way you stuck to a monochrome palette made this sooo cool. I almost passed out when I read this was inspired by me. thank you, really, you are so cute and cool and have to know you inspire me as well and I appreciate this so much <3.

    1. thank you thank you so so much ania <3

  2. Thank you for reminding me how great Lykke Li is. She's exactly what I need to listen to right now!
    Always love your posts. You're so incredibly cool!

  3. Man, I'm obsessed with your skills of proportion. Anytime I've ever tried this, and since following you I have a lot of times, I end up looking unskillfully frumpy and like I haven't left my bed for three days.


    1. thank you khensani, but i find that hard to believe considering that you look incredibly cool in everything...

  4. I love these pictures and this whole title. :) xoxo


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