Wednesday, October 21, 2015

i don't need friends, they disappoint me

i'm really happy that i took my parent's fela kuti CD, because his songs are incredible (please drag me for "discovering" him in 2015 because i'm literally a child lol, how was i supposed to know he existed). My favorite part in this one starts at 10:00, and it's really nice for walking and thinking too and i guess the jazzy part of it makes you just feel really good. 



Prada Summer 1998

prada campaigns are my favorites
(not mine! i can't find the source rn but i will!)
i've been having a really nice, but really busy experience with my education, but also stresss because i'm feeling a lot of pressure to figure out what i want to do with my life ( I DON"T KNOW WHAT I WANT TO DO! TeLL mE WHAT TO DO!), and so i've been trying to escape into this really calming, absolute shade of brown-- which is weird bc i'm pretty sure brown is supposed to be like the ugliest color but... this is cute. 

the black mock-neck dress under is f21, the brown netted dress and the reeboks 
are thrifted and the black t-shirt over everything is DIYed. 

the turtleneck and the boots are thrifted; the jacket is my mom's and the jeans are uo

THESE BOOTS??? ARE GR8!! and literally $6, I love it. 

also, i'm just realizing that this outfit makes me look a lil bit like carla shaw from i don't need friends, they disappoint me. (same photo quality too omg twins <3)

i hope you're all having beautiful days <3 (don't forget to tell me what to do with my life!!!)

Friday, October 9, 2015

all things must change and remain

ok guys! coming atcha live is not one, but TWO (i'm lame, i know) ways to style this really cute slitted skirt i got from a thrift store.

i guess this one's more chill and relaxed-- i'm wearing a uo pink velvet top and thrifted reeboks. hoop earrings are from claire's! why does my posture make me look like i'm dying...

putting on this outfit made me feel more #girlboss, and less #girl crying into her ap world textbook, so that's always nice. i kind of just randomly found both that black top and the really cool pink jacket in my house. 

things keeping me calm: 
eating a gala apple every day
pains by silk rhodes

this photo for some reason: 


From “Light: The Complete Handbook of Lighting Design” (1986)

ok that's all, i love you all, hopefully i'll get to post again next week! <3