Thursday, July 31, 2014

i wish i had a boyfriend, i wish i had a pizza and a bottle of wine.

(back from my ramadan hiatus)

you might have noticed a trend in my outfit photos in which i crop out my feet in most of them because i'm running a serious defecit in the market of cool footwear (that was me trying to prove that economics lessons had a real impact on my life). but i put together a wishlist of shoes that make me feel v elijah wood as an animated penguin

black n white
black and white happy feet
(clockwise from top right)

1. CDG Play Converse: ohmygosh you guys there's a group of people at my school who wear these everyday (literally just to spite me) and they're so cool but definitely too simple to cost $100- maybe i'll get lucky and do a DIY or something

2. Topshop Arcade Cut-out Chunky Boots: yay for funky cutouts that magically turn you into an alexander wang model. 

3. Topshop HI pool sliders

4. Juju Babe Hi Juju Jelly: i've been crushing on these shoes for such a long time without satisfaction that it's almost redundant to even talk about them seeing as I'm already at the point where I pretend to be "literally "the only person on the planet without them. but they're still as beautiful as ever- so i probably will never get over them. 

5. MMM Holographic Oxfords: holographic shoes- this is the future

6. Nasty Gal Bruges Boot:  a more minimalistic version of those timberland work boots 

7. Kenzo Brushed Leather Monk Strap Shoes : these are like capitalizing on the ugly shoe trend but bringing it to a whole new level by taking advantage of a shape that makes you feel like a very clunky and angry Takashi Nishiyama monster:

pretty in pink

pink happy feet

(clockwise from top right)

1. Topshop Rabbit Faux Fur Fluffy Sandals: this is even more glamorous than making it to the A-list on the Kim Kardashian game

2. Topshop Nowadays T-Bar Sandals: 50s  rachel antonoff/miu miu schoolgirl (also now i can make my cameo on mad men)

3. Retro Wave Scooter Banana Board: these aren't exactly shoes but they go on your feet so whatevur dude *skates off into the sunset*

4. Topshop MUD Festival Jelly Boots: the sock combinations alone are enough to make me cry

5. Nasty Gal Madison Sandals: i reallyyyy like this color 

gold-ish brown

brown happy feet

(clockwise from top right)

1. Dr.Martens Connie Closed Toe Sandals: clunky and ugly but basically perfect

2. Yoox looks-like-mock CDG Toe Shoes: more CDG genius that is definitely going to have to be DIYed one day until i get a job paying me to eat vegan marshmallows out of a bag

3. AA Classic Clog: i really like these BECAUSE CLOGS but someone tell me where to get them other than AA because i'm still not sure what's going on there after they got rid of Dov Charney.

4. MMM Gray CD Mosaic Ankle Boots: i really have nothing (non-cliche) to say but i'm seriously in love


and now for a  funky bit of feet from tumblr and stuff (eta: i was just told to notify you that I don't have a fetish so...): 


Davidelfin S/S 2013

1// Davidelfin S/S 2013 via 130186 on tumblr

TheaVelour02 Thea Stratton Haunts in Toby Knotts Latest Story for Velour Magazine

2//Thea Stratton by Toby Knotts for Velour Magazine

(stark n white n contrasting n cool + st.vincent hair)

3// unkown via ngx on tumblr

(try to get over how cool this photo is and look at the partial view of those shoessssss)


product placement nike

4// product placement nike by alex (seamewss) on tumblr

5// Kira by Bachar Srour for Indie Magazine

6// unknown Givenchy ad via abearnamedchuck on tumblr


- Inés C.

7// Bowling by Ines C. for the wandering collective

8// Details of Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture via

futuristic shapes, cut-outs, chunky heels, #normcore?, utility, jelly shoes, holographic, CDG + MMM

So what shoes have you guys been into / what fancy shoes do you have? (pictures would be rlli cool)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014


A few days ago, I saw some really cool Tommy Ton street style photos and as I was going through them, all I could see were references to Prada S/S 2014 so I wanted to talk about them a bit (did that sound pretentious or??)

I really love this outfit and this one was the one where i saw the most ~prada~ because it just seems like it's really influenced by hems and patterns from the 1930s. But also- I can't stop staring at the white tulle thang underneath and wanting to be her or at least inhale the oxygen around her and ingest some of her coolness (creepy or super-creepy, you decide!)

similarities: stripes, cool collars, kind of close-looking hair parts, and shoes

EYE sEYE that this gEYErl clearly knows how to make an EYE-catching EYEntrance, and doesn't shEYE look crazEYE cool. i'm usually antEYE- excercEYEse related ventures, but I fullEYE support everEYE part of this outfit.

EYE'm out of puns ok.

a cardigan on a sweater, I think I need to breathe.

similarities: adidas stripes, black, green, white

at first i scrolled past this and i was like bleh, and then i was was like- wait she's nonchalantly wearing a denim skirt inside out and her purse has a mirror on it woahh

the whole wearing"two different types of grid with one basic seperator" thing is very cool and i will definetely steal it one day (don't sue me)

ugh i love this coat so much i think i'll be buried in it, but really:
the colors, and the shape and the whole sparkly mk aspect


pretty colors and plush coats make me happy

(hidden) layers, and fabric combinations 

i'm really sorry but i have nothing to say about this outfit because i'm listening to a lot of vampire weekend so now i'm an emotional wreck bye.

sTiLlL cRyIng
*fun fact: the rain in that photo is actually my tears*

this is one of my favorites from the entire collection because it combines most of the great parts of the clothes into one outfit and if I look at it long enough, I can't stop picturing miucca prada as a military general - which would be great because everyone would just stand in awe and follow her every command

pants r kul- funky pants r (water) kuler (get it, get it)

I partly take back what I said about that blue coat because this is even better??

they both look slightly like andy warhol clones and i'm not okay with that
(if you want to make me feel better, buy me those shoes)

street style :
black and white, denim, sports bras, sheer, sneakers,
 sweatpants, basic patterns (stripes, grids, polka dots)

prada :
sdtripes, sports, school spirit, cutouts, bibs, art-clothing,
faces, big prints, grannys 50s silhouettes, coats, layers

hopefully all of this stuff somehow subconsciously inspires me to come up with some outfits to take photos of

(i apologize that the quality of this post slowly deteriorated like that - blame ezra keonig haha)

what were your favorite photos from the street style/from the prada collection?

Now that I think of it- the photos were taken at fashion week so that explains why so many people were just wearing Prada, ughhhh

Monday, July 14, 2014

my american dreams came true somehow

hey hey hey- it's Bastille Day! I think it's kind of amazing that I cared enough to get dressed for a French Fête National, but I completely and utterly shunned the existence of the 4th of July- whatever, I think I've never really felt the whole land of the freeeeeeeee thang. Just so you know- I think I'll try to avoid doing the thing where I try to act French but then realize that I ate soggy cereal for breakfast 3 days ago (which I'm pretty sure is explicitly un-French) If there's any actual French people reading this blog- let me know in the comments and i will be amazed at the power of the internet while casually eating a croissant mmkay.*


this was me trying to be French and chic, like Francoise Hardy or Alexa Chung

via                                                                    via

and in the process of being very French, I figured out that my mom has a bottle of Miss Dior that she seems to be hiding from me (????) and I took photos of it with some fake flowers and a close up of the new purse which I got from the thrift store yesterday. 


striped t-shirt : childhood
velvet-y dungarees : UO Outlet Store 
brown purse : thrifted
black boots : thrifted


this outfit was my attempt to try to get the people of America to accept me back by dressing really patriotic (jk i don't care- if you don't want me, I'm moving to France). Bizarre (that's French!) because red, white, and blue are also the colors of the French flag- but mom jeans have been trademarked by mothers all across the Midwest States. I don't really love the way it turned out because it seems kind of rough and wrinkled (it doesn't seem wrinkled- it just is, I'm a very professional fashion blogger) but- c'est la vie. 

red collared top : thrifted
white t-shirt : left-over from a failed attempt to do this Rookie DIY
mom-esque jeans : UO Outlet Store
black flats : thrifted

also une petite French playlist of songs- or maybe it's just a playlist of French songs:

tous les garcons // francoise hardy

christine // juniore

ca plane pour moi // plastic bertrand

vive le France!
(the ex-patriot) kani

*do French people do that?

Saturday, July 5, 2014

i'll give you a dollar if you tell me how many times i use the word teen

my birthday was kind of a while ago but i didn't post about it because i am cruel and unusual, like all children- WAIT, like all teenagers. I'm an official teen! (Excuse me while I go star in a cult coming of age film- I'm looking at you John Hughes).

 i can join the panel of experts on TEEN STUFF like texting on those electromagnetic devices the kids use these days; WTF= wow that's frugal! -  used upon discovering Yohji Yamamoto-esque clothes at the thrift store or rubber tschotskes.

 I have no idea how to spell that word, but I just don't care-which brings me to my next TEEN THING: indifference - being chillllllllllllllllllllllll -writing in all lower case, keeping your feet up. FEET! CHANGES IN YOUR BODY! TEEN THINGS! ANGST! wOw.

I guess also as a TEEN, i should get into being LOUD AND OBNOXIOUS and re sp on ding in mo no syll a bles! If you disagree with that statement or tell me to "get off your lawn" ???? - then all I have to say to you is: THAT'S SO UNFAIR or maybe WHATEVER DUDE, YOU'RE  TOTALLY BUGGING. Also umm, like, totally radical man!

When I was a kid (those were the days) in addition to thinking that my thirteenth birthday would be like christmas morning with more acne (I'll give you a hint- only half of that actually happened), I kind of expected that on the morning of my 13th birthday all of my wildest dreams would come true and I would be unexpectedly wise and have sage advice to offer everyone and be insanely daring in a very 'do i look like i care' way- like a combination of Bob Dylan and Iris Apfel. But I kind of ended up more like Yoda: I'm mostly wise but I can't really form coherent sentences 100% of the time and I also feel a strange compulsion to wrap my self in a green shawl.


spot the difference! 

(That might be too easy since the picture of me was shot on a canon eos rebel t3)

my barfday outfit existed in different stages to be worn throughout the day (as in from work 2 da club), so I'll just go through them one by one.


i wore this outfit to school even though i found it kind of boring because
. i didn't feel like being asked what i was wearing on the day of my INDUCTION INTO TEENHOOD
. i could live the *best of both worlds* and be "normal" at school while maintaining my inner pizzazz.(I'm kidding- or should I say, teening.)

when i realized that i wasn't wearing enough pink 

wow sass and angst in one pic (that's what the TEENS call pictures)- so stereotypical hahaha.


when i wanted my aesthetic to look more like commes des garcons fw 2009- because this is what all teens do in their spare time amirite?

I also felt the need to carry around princess-related accessories even though the only  princess-y thing that happened was my math teacher looking at me and saying- "Wow she really likes headbands"

collared shirt : thrifted
pink top : UO
black dress : thrifted
grey tights: UO
green jacket (around waist) : thrifted
black coat (worn inside out) : childhood
headband : DIY 
tiara : Target
Pom Poms : Dollar Store
Candy Hearts : Dollar Store
princess purse : childhood

Apparently other thing teens do is destroy quaint seaside towns, in between acting sooooo akward (as if i haven't done that already), be covered in (Greek) yogurt by the popular kidz and remove my glasses to become ~beautiful~ @ prom (aka biggest nite of my lyfe if u didn't already know), so I'm going to go do all that. If there's any TEENS reading this blog that would like to share any nuggets of TEEN WISDOM- feel free to do so (I was going to include a joke about chicken nuggets, but I'm just too tired from spending hours hunched over a good text message)

(That stood for talk to you lates besties- don't worry if you didn't get it- not everyone is as TEK SAVVY a teen as I)
(actually, maybe I won't talk to you guys later, I mean I'm already THIRTEEN- so I've basically got one foot in the grave already)