Tuesday, July 22, 2014


A few days ago, I saw some really cool Tommy Ton street style photos and as I was going through them, all I could see were references to Prada S/S 2014 so I wanted to talk about them a bit (did that sound pretentious or??)

I really love this outfit and this one was the one where i saw the most ~prada~ because it just seems like it's really influenced by hems and patterns from the 1930s. But also- I can't stop staring at the white tulle thang underneath and wanting to be her or at least inhale the oxygen around her and ingest some of her coolness (creepy or super-creepy, you decide!)

similarities: stripes, cool collars, kind of close-looking hair parts, and shoes

EYE sEYE that this gEYErl clearly knows how to make an EYE-catching EYEntrance, and doesn't shEYE look crazEYE cool. i'm usually antEYE- excercEYEse related ventures, but I fullEYE support everEYE part of this outfit.

EYE'm out of puns ok.

a cardigan on a sweater, I think I need to breathe.

similarities: adidas stripes, black, green, white

at first i scrolled past this and i was like bleh, and then i was was like- wait she's nonchalantly wearing a denim skirt inside out and her purse has a mirror on it woahh

the whole wearing"two different types of grid with one basic seperator" thing is very cool and i will definetely steal it one day (don't sue me)

ugh i love this coat so much i think i'll be buried in it, but really:
the colors, and the shape and the whole sparkly mk aspect


pretty colors and plush coats make me happy

(hidden) layers, and fabric combinations 

i'm really sorry but i have nothing to say about this outfit because i'm listening to a lot of vampire weekend so now i'm an emotional wreck bye.

sTiLlL cRyIng
*fun fact: the rain in that photo is actually my tears*

this is one of my favorites from the entire collection because it combines most of the great parts of the clothes into one outfit and if I look at it long enough, I can't stop picturing miucca prada as a military general - which would be great because everyone would just stand in awe and follow her every command

pants r kul- funky pants r (water) kuler (get it, get it)

I partly take back what I said about that blue coat because this is even better??

they both look slightly like andy warhol clones and i'm not okay with that
(if you want to make me feel better, buy me those shoes)

street style :
black and white, denim, sports bras, sheer, sneakers,
 sweatpants, basic patterns (stripes, grids, polka dots)

prada :
sdtripes, sports, school spirit, cutouts, bibs, art-clothing,
faces, big prints, grannys 50s silhouettes, coats, layers

hopefully all of this stuff somehow subconsciously inspires me to come up with some outfits to take photos of

(i apologize that the quality of this post slowly deteriorated like that - blame ezra keonig haha)

what were your favorite photos from the street style/from the prada collection?

Now that I think of it- the photos were taken at fashion week so that explains why so many people were just wearing Prada, ughhhh


  1. a round of applada for miuccia prada ehh.. All the eye puns had me dying lol. The street style pictures are very cool and inspirational! :) I hope the magic prada street style dust rubs on you and helps you make cool outfits :) Vampire Weekend ruuuules



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