Thursday, July 31, 2014

i wish i had a boyfriend, i wish i had a pizza and a bottle of wine.

(back from my ramadan hiatus)

you might have noticed a trend in my outfit photos in which i crop out my feet in most of them because i'm running a serious defecit in the market of cool footwear (that was me trying to prove that economics lessons had a real impact on my life). but i put together a wishlist of shoes that make me feel v elijah wood as an animated penguin

black n white
black and white happy feet
(clockwise from top right)

1. CDG Play Converse: ohmygosh you guys there's a group of people at my school who wear these everyday (literally just to spite me) and they're so cool but definitely too simple to cost $100- maybe i'll get lucky and do a DIY or something

2. Topshop Arcade Cut-out Chunky Boots: yay for funky cutouts that magically turn you into an alexander wang model. 

3. Topshop HI pool sliders

4. Juju Babe Hi Juju Jelly: i've been crushing on these shoes for such a long time without satisfaction that it's almost redundant to even talk about them seeing as I'm already at the point where I pretend to be "literally "the only person on the planet without them. but they're still as beautiful as ever- so i probably will never get over them. 

5. MMM Holographic Oxfords: holographic shoes- this is the future

6. Nasty Gal Bruges Boot:  a more minimalistic version of those timberland work boots 

7. Kenzo Brushed Leather Monk Strap Shoes : these are like capitalizing on the ugly shoe trend but bringing it to a whole new level by taking advantage of a shape that makes you feel like a very clunky and angry Takashi Nishiyama monster:

pretty in pink

pink happy feet

(clockwise from top right)

1. Topshop Rabbit Faux Fur Fluffy Sandals: this is even more glamorous than making it to the A-list on the Kim Kardashian game

2. Topshop Nowadays T-Bar Sandals: 50s  rachel antonoff/miu miu schoolgirl (also now i can make my cameo on mad men)

3. Retro Wave Scooter Banana Board: these aren't exactly shoes but they go on your feet so whatevur dude *skates off into the sunset*

4. Topshop MUD Festival Jelly Boots: the sock combinations alone are enough to make me cry

5. Nasty Gal Madison Sandals: i reallyyyy like this color 

gold-ish brown

brown happy feet

(clockwise from top right)

1. Dr.Martens Connie Closed Toe Sandals: clunky and ugly but basically perfect

2. Yoox looks-like-mock CDG Toe Shoes: more CDG genius that is definitely going to have to be DIYed one day until i get a job paying me to eat vegan marshmallows out of a bag

3. AA Classic Clog: i really like these BECAUSE CLOGS but someone tell me where to get them other than AA because i'm still not sure what's going on there after they got rid of Dov Charney.

4. MMM Gray CD Mosaic Ankle Boots: i really have nothing (non-cliche) to say but i'm seriously in love


and now for a  funky bit of feet from tumblr and stuff (eta: i was just told to notify you that I don't have a fetish so...): 


Davidelfin S/S 2013

1// Davidelfin S/S 2013 via 130186 on tumblr

TheaVelour02 Thea Stratton Haunts in Toby Knotts Latest Story for Velour Magazine

2//Thea Stratton by Toby Knotts for Velour Magazine

(stark n white n contrasting n cool + st.vincent hair)

3// unkown via ngx on tumblr

(try to get over how cool this photo is and look at the partial view of those shoessssss)


product placement nike

4// product placement nike by alex (seamewss) on tumblr

5// Kira by Bachar Srour for Indie Magazine

6// unknown Givenchy ad via abearnamedchuck on tumblr


- Inés C.

7// Bowling by Ines C. for the wandering collective

8// Details of Christian Dior Fall 2014 Couture via

futuristic shapes, cut-outs, chunky heels, #normcore?, utility, jelly shoes, holographic, CDG + MMM

So what shoes have you guys been into / what fancy shoes do you have? (pictures would be rlli cool)



  1. really love the shoe-spiration. Chunky heels, clogs, and strappy heeled sandals 4evahh *alien from spring breaker's voice*. I thrifted my clogs and Uggs sells them for around $70 :/

    \I really like these shoes at the moment

    and anything that comes close to these ones by Alexander Wang

  2. god, i love this post's title <3
    really unique shoe inspiration! i just love platform boots~

    visit me:

  3. Too cute! I love all the shoes, especially those clear boots. My friend has a pair of them and she gets so many compliments every time she wears them!

  4. Lovely post! I was happy to see my picture here!
    x Inés

  5. I just discovered your blog and I love it! This was a lovely post.

  6. Shoe game wayyyy on point! I've been pining for a pair of creepers since FOREVER.

  7. Woah so many lovely yet expensive shoes! I am currently wanting a pair of those juju jellies really bad !!! I've just started a blog of my own and if you're interested you are very welcome to visit xx followers are desperately needed ;)

  8. THESE ARE ALL SO BEAUTIFUL AND MAKING ME LOOK INTO THE CORNER WHERE MY SHOES ARE IN DISGUST. I particularly like the ones that turn you to an alexander wang model and the ones that aren't shoes at all and we can skate off into the sun set together, all laughs and middle fingers to the non-believers.


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