Sunday, August 10, 2014

blue songs are like tattoos

hello hello! *air-kisses* (imagine me saying that like a wealthy socialite because i'm typing it feeling like a wealthy socialite partly because i'm wearing giant sunglasses indoors and eating fruit out of a champagne glass- but mostly because i'm A-list on the Kim Kardashian game)
 i've decided that instead of going through the somewhat-weekly anxiety of stressing about what to blog about- i'm just gonna do weekly roundups where i go over my vibes and music etc (in addition to any posts about ~important~ stuff). and hopefully this helps me get into a better blogging schedule for the future.

/ music

: unfinished and muted and beautiful

new-wave disco jamz n smart lyrics that sound like they're being breathed rather than sung

: sublime

I've been listening to these three songs on repeat for the past week-ish (which is really convenient considering they're pretty close to one another in the "B" section of my iTunes library) and they put me in a very specific "blu" aesthetic that's kind of similar to right after i watched submarine. 

but basically the idea is: walking through a rainy sea-side suburb of london while the sun rises and telephone wires hang precariously 

the sky in my neighborhood a few days ago. 

/ outfit

*note the very clean shoes which are a tell-tale sign of a professional fashion blogger*
sport goth or whatever. i'm sure one day in the not-so-distant future, i'll regret wearing a tutu over sweatpants, but not right now. 

shirt \ yard sale
tutu \ childhood
sweatpants \ unknown 
bracelet (worn on ankle) \ childhood
boots \ unknown (but the reason i don't wear the super cool steel-toed boots anymore is because they were tragically stolen/lost)

/ work


old-ish journal entry
-=- kanyinsola a.

whoa i’m seeing my own stuff on my dash

old GIF-ed paper collage from my journal i guess inspired by a search for personal identity in a vast ocean of uncertainty; and the sensation of drowning in said ocean aka: being terrified but also feeling a breathtaking calm (deep?) (like the ocean) (yah- i went there)

/ inspiration

unknown by siza vieria via tumblr

this looks kind of like the inside of a swimming pool and i really like the reflections of the clouds and the shape and shadows and i'd love to know where/what it is. when i checked the similar images on google- all i got were basically pictures of fleshed out bathrooms which was both calming and uncomfortable:

/ cool thang

Maggie from Futile Ramblings wrote some crazy insightful stuff about how time "exponentially decreases into infinity" and it was mind-blowing (further proving that teenage girls are incredibly complex and intelligent).

/ crushin hard

You could argue that Giambattista Valli Fall Couture 2014 is what inspired my outfit but I took those photos in March/April and the show was in July so I'm forced to "imply" that the collection stole my style (I'M KIDDING). 

But anyway- I really love the looks in this show: it's like feminine and elegant but lazy - someone who rolled out of their pajamas to go to a wedding with enormous dyed feather skirts, and silhouettes from the 50s. 


Her blog is amazingly hilarious and creative and fun to read and i'm so happy it exists (heart emojis)

what did you think of all the music and vibes and clothes- and what are you into this week? 



  1. congrats on becoming a list im still trying to become d list lol.*dressed as a farmer and chews a piece of straw* Ooh all the songs are really goooood. I used to listen to candy says by the velvet undeground on repeat in sophmore year i think you might like it.Octopus by King Krule is really food too. These songs are great for walking alone in A quiet suburb indeed. All the photos and your collage are very very rad. Really rad architecture. Giambattista totally jocked your swag! lol jk You make tulle and sweatpants look really cool. And i love the first dress which reminds me of a combo the cookie monster and cinderella (cookiemonsterella?) (Ughh that made me think of mozzarella made out of cookies which i would probably would eat anyway...) awww thank you for the s/o you rule!! :)

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  3. Love this outfit, your style is really cute!! Keep it up :-))


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