Thursday, August 28, 2014

i woke up like this

i wanted to do a post about the aw14 couture stuff and i noticed something really big which i'm gonna refer to as the "silk nightie all nightie" (because i'm bad at naming things) and it's basically an
image of a great-gatsby type of complete luxury with a 20s socialite rolling out of bed and descending like, a grand spiral staircase in a floor length silk nightgown and this giant fur coat; it's supposed to be "causal" and home-y or whatever but in reality it's ridiculously expensive.

basically it's "i woke up like this"for couture lounge-wear because it doubles as sleepwear.

alexandre vauthier

alexis mabille

giambattista valli

jean paul gaultier

maison martin margiela

ralph & russo


ulayna sergeenko

viktor and rolf

this is one of the really good examples of this because it's basically like a bath towel (that probably sounded dumb but bear with me,) but it's so glamorous (wow i sound ridiculous i'm sorry) .


ziad ghanem:

i really love it all for being so flowy and lavish and i feel like it's a cool concept. so what do you guys think of the whole idea, would you ever wear them? i don't know how well they'd translate to the IRL world but i need your opinions so i can decide whether or not to wear one everyday for the rest of my life honestly.



  1. all these photos make me wish i had the money to wear nothing but fur and silk pyjamas and lounge around all day just being glamourous y'know ughhhhh

  2. Sooo many ***Flawless looks to choose from hmmm.. Totally see the Great Gatsby socialite stuck in bed vibes you mentioned above. The alexis mabille looks like a very nice fencing slumber party ensemble. giambattista valli is very boy in the striped pajamas meets comme des garcon and im lovin it. maison martin margiela is very fencing meets plz-do-not-disturb-my-slumber-im wearin-a-mask-to-avoid-eye-contact and im diggin it. Really like how the ralph & russo look can double as a blanket/cape (those pants are too lovely). Love how the viktor and rolf look looks like something out of American Beauty and can double as a portable mattress robe (robetress?). I wish i could pay this much to just look uber glam and loaf around being lazy ho hum...

  3. Hmm... I don't know. They all look so nice, I'll give you that. But where would you wear them???
    Anyway, Love your blog! xx



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