Monday, August 18, 2014

and i got back up when i lost control over it all

 "cuttooth" editorial from Teethmag.


this photo looks like it could possibly be trying to invoke some "90s grunge nostalgia" à la My So Called Life but is also v sophisticated-ish in a way.  


note 2 self: eggs are an important accessory (obviously) but not as important as gold eyebrows


I'm  seriously considering buying a pair of $5 harem pants from my school's dance department but I'm not sure if they would make me give me enough of a bieber-esque level of $$wag to justify the purchase or if that's too much to ask of from a pair of pants.

(important: I google image searched for 'justin bieber harem pants' to find a visual aid for this but there's literally TOO MANY OPTIONS. see for yourself and tell me in the comments section which one had the most emotional impact on you; you know, the kind you'll tell your kid/therapist about 30 years in the future. )

but about the clothes:  i really like the minimal futuristic look and especially the way they used a white backdrop for lack of contrast (is that a thing?) where all the white morphs together into a glare of light.


this reminds me a lot of
a. the styling from Saint Laurent Fall 2013: skinny jeans and leather and floral and cool girl ~angst~ :


b. Amelia n YowaYowa's levitation photos and a style of photography that i really like.  


i don't like using words like "pop of color" because they make me feel like an uncomfortable fashun blogger (haha) but like: pop of color! i really like the look of the holographix and the bright pink against the grayness of the rest of the outfit.


"lack of contrast" again. this is my favorite photo mostly because it just looks really simple but impossibly cool.


. outfit


*close up of the necklace/sweater which is kind-of-sort-of ribbed*

this outfit started out inspired by the pictures but then ended up being something completely different.

i really wanted to include the fuzzy red sweater in the outfit someway but when i tried wearing it like it's meant to be worn (or whatever) the length looked really wonky over the other stuff because it's kind of short (as seen here), so then i folded it in half and wore it almost inside-out (it's hard to explain the process in words, but the part that looks like a collar is really the bottom of the sweater) like some sort of tailored coat and pretended to look cool.

i also wore this necklace i got from the thrift store near my house. the other side has a really cool blue design on it that i'll probably show in another post but i wore the exposed copper side facing up because again: i like pretending to look cool.

white sweater \ H&M
floral dress (worn as shirt) \ thrifted
pants \ H&M 
red sweater \ yard sale
necklace (worn backwards) \ thrifted 
holographic sandals \ thrifted 

what do you guys think: what's your favorite look from the collection and what did you think of the outfit, i need your validation opinions. 

** editorial photos via Teeth Magazine


  1. yoooo this outfit is sick, and am absolutely unconditional in love with the shoes and all their oil-spill effect magic. those photos are totally rad and "pop of colour"-y. I did as you asked and looked through the pics of JB and his harem pant wonderness and have decided the one that spoke most to me (even though all spoke a little amazingness) is the one where he's wearing red pants and has some guy carrying an umbrella over his head, cause he's worth it *flips hair*.

  2. woowwee love that editorial. now i feel like candy eggs. the sheer mass of jb harem pants photos is slightly overwhelming. also your outfit is hella cute and so are you YAY

  3. WOWOWOWWW!! Your holographic sandals are absolutely shamazing! I lurve them and need them! I looked through all the Bieber harem pants photos and I can't possibly pick the one that had the most "emotional impact" on me but the pictures of him wearing the red leather ones are too $$waggy 4 words!


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