Monday, September 8, 2014

everywhere I fall, don't know name or location.

summar is ovarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and it was a little disappointing (I'm beginning to think it will never not be), but I:

cried like a baby at spirited away, kind of learned how to sew, did a lot of self-improvement,  caught up on Parks and Rec and Bob's Burgers, started watching Twin Peaks, went shopping at a thrift store near my house, went to an robotics and programming camp because nerd, got a letter telling me that I was accepted for a scholarship that I wrote like three essays and had about 5 panic attacks to get, got realllyyyy into the world cup, did some more art/writing, ignored crippling anxiety to submit some of said art/writing to zines, was happy and sad and enjoyed feeling feelings vividly, became more confident, volunteered at my library and met a buncha cool people, picked flowers, listened to a lot of podcasts, went to my first ever ONE DIRECTION concert with my friends which led to me figuring out that:

a. i like pop music because i like to danceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
b. being a snob about music is literally such a waste of valuable time that i could spend saving the world and being happy

and a few other things. also- I got back into reading books the way I read them when I was younger:


sorry for the totally lame photo quality but top to bottom:

ee cummings: 100 selected poems
just kids / patti smith
the grand design / stephen hawking and leonard mlodinow
waging heavy peace / neil young
july august 2014 poetry book my friend gave me
rough magic (a biography of sylvia plath) / paul alexander
madeline in london / ludwig bemelmans

(let me know if you've read any of these or have any recommendations for books)

towards the end of the summer, everything just started blurring into one long hazy day:


Manbo Key


california - january 2014


"I think I’m afraid of death 24 hours a day. I swear. And I’m so scared of those few seconds of consciousness before you die. When you know you’re gonna die. I can’t stop thinking that way. It’s exhausting. Really exhausting."
Before Sunrise, 1995




how were your summers, I really wanna hear about it in the comments!


photos; top to bottom:
1- Manbo Key // 2- california, january 2014 // 3- faye wong // 4- via vhs-evcore (tumblr) // 5- before sunrise, 1995 // 6- Inspirace (Karel Zeman), 1948 // 7- anna paquin in almost famous, 2000