Thursday, March 26, 2015

there's no love in the ground for me


sorry all of those angles are so ~funky~. i originally wanted to wear this because i liked the relationship between the colors. 

and then i started messing around with how the shirt was buttoned and i got this that looks a bit like a bow tied around me:


 j. crew pink striped shirt / childhood
sears knit sweater / thrifted
bdg mom jeans / uo

fw 2015 is overr and i'm feeling extremely overwhelmed by the sheer amount and depth of everything, and i wish i could look at and think about fashion all day every day. 

yohji yamamoto

general update: my school's musical opened last week and it made me realize how much i love musicals, and people, and how much of my time is taken up by unnecessary anxiety; i'm reading great expectations for school and every charles dickens sentence feels like a marathon that's completely worth it in the end; and overall trying to relax and put things in perspective. zayn made me want to cry a lot

also a song that is v v calming at night by a band whose name resonates with me on a deep level: 

thank you for reading even though this was very short!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

when I wake up in the morning light, sunlight hurts my eyes

i love this alt-j cover of bill withers, it's so positive and colorful and clean (i'm trying not to describe the album art right now), it's not as "natural" sounding as the original, but still really cool.

fashion month always fills me with this strange magical idealistic feeling of being able to live whatever life i want and be whoever i want to be simply by putting on different clothing. and it's great-- i mean, that's basically the scope of my interest in clothing. it also makes me feel really optimistic about the future. also, the  fact that the earth's orbit around the sun takes 365 days has nothing to do with humans whatsoever, yet we managed to make it all about us and our health and our debt and our reading etc and i find that hilarious, so  i've decided to make a more concrete set of resolutions for (the remainder of!) 2015 because i am goal-oriented (haha). here we go:

1. eat a cronut. this is really less of a resolution, and more of a life plan if you know what i mean-- which autocorrect (or whatever this whodanglethang on this computer is called) clearly doesn't because it actually just tried to correct cronut to croutoN!  ugh. (if any of you guys has ever had a cronut, please describe it vividly in the comments so that I can live vicariously through your experiences)

2. read at least 52 books, one per week. let's ignore the fact that i'm already way behind schedule ok.
3. compliment 2 people each day, one of them being myself.
4. see fight club and inception. i really would like to see a bunch of movies this year in general, but i feel like i'm seriously missing out on some sort of societal underbelly by not getting the constant references from these movies.
5. complete at least 5 journals 
6. do something that makes you mildly uncomfortable once a day

in the continued spirit of newness, i also really love the photos of erik madigan heck's perspective on thom browne's most recent spring show.








the photos are beautiful and bright and reminded me of a range of things including: marc jacobs in a sense of playfulness or whatever, commes des garcons, the yoruba geles that the women in my family wear to parties, the eminent arrival of spring, the elaborate, aristocratic beauty of marie antoinette's hats, the ~art girls~ at my school whose clothes are covered in paint-- which may just be me regurgitating a list of things that i find cool/inspiring but have no way to organize.

also just a note that i'm in my school's production of big fish the musical, and it's pretty much my first play aside from elementary school things-- so i really wasn't prepared for the time commitment and that's kind of why i've been awol. thank you for hanging in there, like a cat on an inspirational poster: 



Sunday, March 1, 2015

january/february playlist

  • video girl // fka twigs
  • lovers in the parking lot // solange
  • mama says // ibeyi
  • talk is cheap // chet faker
  • need ur luv // charli xcx
  • go your own way // fleetwood mac
  • budapest // george ezra
  • retrograde // james blake
  • riptide // vance joy
  • drop the game // flume, chet faker
  • alors on danse // stromae, kanye west
  • hot knife // fiona apple
  • my club // the asteroids galaxy tour
  • yellow flicker beat // lorde
  • stolen dance // milky chance
  • marathon // tennis
the beginning of this year has been whirlwind and strange and i love it. i'm getting a lot of perspective on things that seemed unimportant before, and i'm trying to be better instead of just thinking about being better.

also videos that were really aesthetically pleasing to watch: 

i love love love ibeyi, and it makes me so happy to listen to their beautiful voices, and even happier as a nigerian girl/woman

and a song that wasn't on spotify: 

tell me if you've got any recommendations for march! thank you,