Thursday, March 26, 2015

there's no love in the ground for me


sorry all of those angles are so ~funky~. i originally wanted to wear this because i liked the relationship between the colors. 

and then i started messing around with how the shirt was buttoned and i got this that looks a bit like a bow tied around me:


 j. crew pink striped shirt / childhood
sears knit sweater / thrifted
bdg mom jeans / uo

fw 2015 is overr and i'm feeling extremely overwhelmed by the sheer amount and depth of everything, and i wish i could look at and think about fashion all day every day. 

yohji yamamoto

general update: my school's musical opened last week and it made me realize how much i love musicals, and people, and how much of my time is taken up by unnecessary anxiety; i'm reading great expectations for school and every charles dickens sentence feels like a marathon that's completely worth it in the end; and overall trying to relax and put things in perspective. zayn made me want to cry a lot

also a song that is v v calming at night by a band whose name resonates with me on a deep level: 

thank you for reading even though this was very short!

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