Tuesday, August 26, 2014

hairy styles (get it?)

lately i've been thinking a lot about hair and how we perenially fuss and freak out over it (all those bad haircuts of middle school i'm looking at u; haha @ me saying "of middle school" as if i'm not *tragically* still in middle school and inherently in the midst of a bad haircut stage as i type this!) but it's just intersting how hair means so much to people in self-expression / self discovery, good hair days and their effect on both you and the whole world, how we give seemingly non-existent meaning to haircuts and of course: to shave the head or not to shave the head(little known fact: shakespeare was misquoted for hundreds of years on this), or maybe it was to dye an unnatural color or not to dye an unnatural color? to trim the bangs or not to trim the bangs???????

as a feminist i can't go over this without recognizing that i see hundreds of ads reminding women that (like everything else about them) "THEIR HAIR IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH AND WILL NEVER BE GOOD ENOUGH TO IMPRESS THAT GUY 1!1!1 unless of course they buy this beauty product now at a drugstore near you! (reclaimed sense of self-esteem not included)" and i'm not even gonna go deeper into the concept of telling women what to do with their hair because it's such a pervasive part of society, so i have to include that i'm not trying to glorify having hair that looks any particular way bc all hair is beautiful and having no hair is beautiful, and also you are beautiful n cool. <3<3<3

~interesting reads:~

on shaving it alllll off:

if hair is a war, will a buzzcut mean winning?

without a hair in the world

on the *symbolism* of haircuts:

a cut above the norm

what pastel hair means for women of color

and in light of the really gross anti-blackness surrounding people saying blue ivy's hair needs to b straightened:

my boss told me to straighten my afro --so i quit

anyway this is just some cool stuff that i've been looking at in terms of haircuts even though i think i mentioned it before but i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (hi mom) want to shave my hair off, because i'm lo-maintenance (read: lazy) and i think it'd look cool.


/funky knots:

[ clockwise from top right: ]
details at Issey Missake AW 2011 // Sharnee Gates by Romaine Duquesne // Lieve Dannau for i-D Spring 2012 by Nick Dorey


[ from top: ]
Baby Blue by Miriam Marlene Waldner // 7A via

/"the drama-rama cut"

[ clockwise from top right: ]
Blending In by Ben Zank // by Emily Theobald via // if you leave by kchangi on flickr

/the short:
[ right to left:]
Antonina Vasylchenko via // Pink Again by Savannah Van der Niet

/and the long:
[ right to left: ]
by Laurence Philomene // Mona by Rosie Florence Mackay


[ clockwise from top right: ]
via // Charlotte Carey by Emily Weiss in Tulum, Mexico for Into the Gloss // The Doom Generation (1993) //  via
[ clockwise from top: ]
Class of 1998 by Anuschka Blommers & Neils Schumm for Self Service magazine #8 // shots from american apparel sydney casting via  // (3) model @ marc jacobs fw 2014

/ *whoosh*: 

[ clockwise from top right: ]
Style No. 47. Hannah by David Sims, heads: hair by Guido // (2) via // (3) via

Farida Khelfa, Paris, 1985 by Jean -Paul Goude


okay so what does your hair look like right now and please: wHaT dOeS iT aLl MeAn??? did you like any of the photos in this post in particular? *also y'know when h8rs r bringin u down, don't forget to just whip it*



  1. Nice post! Omg you should definitely shave your hair off it would look super rad!!! :)) xx


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