Monday, July 14, 2014

my american dreams came true somehow

hey hey hey- it's Bastille Day! I think it's kind of amazing that I cared enough to get dressed for a French FĂȘte National, but I completely and utterly shunned the existence of the 4th of July- whatever, I think I've never really felt the whole land of the freeeeeeeee thang. Just so you know- I think I'll try to avoid doing the thing where I try to act French but then realize that I ate soggy cereal for breakfast 3 days ago (which I'm pretty sure is explicitly un-French) If there's any actual French people reading this blog- let me know in the comments and i will be amazed at the power of the internet while casually eating a croissant mmkay.*


this was me trying to be French and chic, like Francoise Hardy or Alexa Chung

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and in the process of being very French, I figured out that my mom has a bottle of Miss Dior that she seems to be hiding from me (????) and I took photos of it with some fake flowers and a close up of the new purse which I got from the thrift store yesterday. 


striped t-shirt : childhood
velvet-y dungarees : UO Outlet Store 
brown purse : thrifted
black boots : thrifted


this outfit was my attempt to try to get the people of America to accept me back by dressing really patriotic (jk i don't care- if you don't want me, I'm moving to France). Bizarre (that's French!) because red, white, and blue are also the colors of the French flag- but mom jeans have been trademarked by mothers all across the Midwest States. I don't really love the way it turned out because it seems kind of rough and wrinkled (it doesn't seem wrinkled- it just is, I'm a very professional fashion blogger) but- c'est la vie. 

red collared top : thrifted
white t-shirt : left-over from a failed attempt to do this Rookie DIY
mom-esque jeans : UO Outlet Store
black flats : thrifted

also une petite French playlist of songs- or maybe it's just a playlist of French songs:

tous les garcons // francoise hardy

christine // juniore

ca plane pour moi // plastic bertrand

vive le France!
(the ex-patriot) kani

*do French people do that?


  1. nice outfits !!

  2. your outfits are so perfect! The silhouettes on the last one are just so hfienagyiuouiobyf those jeans *o*


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