Tuesday, April 7, 2015

march playlist + outfit!

when i realized i was behind on this playlist thing, i was too lazy to find all the songs on spotify or whatever, so i just put the youtube version:

1. 1998 /  chet faker

2. barasu-ayo / ibeyi

3. pickles from the jar / courtney barnett

4. return to / #1 dads [i already mentioned them here, but this song is so soothing!]

5. tropical oceans / d.d dumbo [this song! ahh! if you only listen to one, listen to this-- it's so catchy and so swingy and he has such a distinct dreamy beach pop sound]

6. unrequited love / lykke li [i lied; listen to this song too]

7. left alone / fiona apple

8. every single night / fiona apple [she's been my favorite singer for a while now, and i was really into her voice and her songwriting this month; she's so talented]

9. fernando / abba [this song makes me a lil nostalgic and sad for some reason, but maybe it's just abba]

10. pedestrian at best / (more) courtney barnett [her songs are so off-kilter, and fun and weird]

11. pulsing / tomas barford [incredible music]

12. killing me softly / lauryn hill [i got into lauryn hill because of my dad, also i love this song]

13. the witch / big fish the musical [musicals! are! so! much! fun! ! also! theater! is! such a great experience! everyone on the face of the earth deserves to do some form of theater at least once inth eir lives; i'm so grateful to have been able to do big fish the musical at my school: the cast and crew was all so talented, and it was such a positive experience and i'm definitely a better person for it. and this is the catchiest song on the soundtrack ]

14. fade into you / sam palladio and clare bowen [long story short, watching nashville is making me really into country songs that are about love and anger and emotion etc-- even though aside from a pre-existing fondness for dolly parton, i used to think that every country song was about trucks or something (trucks are great though!)]

here's an outfit from the moment of my initial excitement about how close spring is:

the windbreaker is from my childhood, back when i hated windbreakers (and turtlenecks! and pop music! and burt's bees! all for some strange arbitrary reason, ahh childhood...). anyway, i love them now, partly because loud, obnoxious clothing makes my heart swell; and in addition to this color, it makes this ridiculous swishy sound when you move in it. this thrifted turtleneck is now one of my favorite articles of clothing. polka-dot dress was a gift and holographic slippers are thrifted. 

not photographed bc i am a noob was this elastic-y wristband from an old whistle that i wore as a choker:

also, sorry for the semi-overuse of '!'-- spring break is just making me feel reallyy good. and i hope yours are going as well. let me know what you think of the outfit or the songs, and thank you for reading!



  1. nice playlist (I believe abba can make anyone nostalgic haha) and your outfit is so pretty. the way you combine independent pieces like those into one, whole look is fantastic. windbreakers are the best !! they are timeless and understated, and they can look just as good as any other coat/jacket. I have one dark green, from my grandma, reaching down to my knees and with enough space to fit three more inside, and it´s the best xx

    1. thank you so much! that windbreaker sounds incredible.

  2. i can't wait to listen to this playlist, there are so many artists that are new to me, but i'm super excited to listen to some new music! your outfit is so nice! i'm jealous of your thrifting skillz man, those slippers are bomb.


  3. Awesome choker, and cool thrifting skillz :) I used to have a kagoule I hated as a kid 'cos it always got stuck over my head :) xoxo


  4. your outfit is so cool. Those sandals are amazing and well done for creative accessory creation. your playlist looks pretty sweet as well I'm going to listen to it while i keep putting off all my work yay

  5. Cool outfit!! I love finding random bits and bobs and using them as jewellery haha x


    1. thank you! the whistle broke bc i'm super messy and it got crushed by my backpack lol


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