Friday, April 17, 2015

it was fun just for a second to be a vagabond musician, but i could use some security now

i listened to no more home, no more love by soko a lot last month, and when i wore this outfit, i was thinking less about the 70s-ballad-singer-yves saint laurent-joni mitchell vibes in this, but more about the idea of just feeling comfortable and at home wherever you are.

whole outfit is thrifted/yard-saled (yes, i do realize that i wear that turtleneck a lot hah) earrings were a gift. 

maryam nassir zadeh's fw 15 rtw also seemed to fit the song well:

i really like this look because the shapes of everything seem to complement one another really well somehow.

i guess this is supposed to be kind of school-teacher-y with the ruffled collar or whatever, and i honestly love this. if i could confine myself to a really simple, comfortable uniform forever (lol), then this could be it. 

the green is a really nice shift from the majority of the palette, and i like the pleats on that dress

this look is so calm and collected, and the colors are really soothing. 

the first thing that i noticed was that her red nose makes her look like she has a cold, and then i realized that all of the models look like they have a cold-- and i just find that really cute and endearing in a way. 

that coat is beautiful..

bibs! all white outfits! comfortable clothing!

this whole outfit kind of reminded me of the alien-invasion aesthetic of espirit dior's pre-fall 2015 show

i don't think i will ever be over monochrome, especially with these shifting shades of brown/beige

that's all for now; i'm going on a school trip soon and it might be a while before i get to post again. i hope you all have a beautiful day <333


  1. I love Soko, how the heck have I not heard that song before? And lovely outfits, it's a gift to be able to feel at home anywhere :) xoxo

    1. yeah, it's a great song. and thank you

  2. crap, you're cool. that is all, that is all. oh, and this song. and your silhouettes. and your taste. ok, done, done, done.


  3. I played this song as I went through your post and I totally get what you meant by it fitting the collection. There's a calm and mellow vibe the song gives off and I guess with the structuredness and comfort of these outfits they give off that calm and mellow feeling too, also with the sort of naturalness of the models, idk. I'm not sure if any of what I've just said makes a whole lot of sense, but basically listening to this song and looking at this collection makes me feel nice inside. Have fun on your trip! x

    1. i'm happy it all made you feel good; you're totally right about the calm mellowness, and what you said about naturalness makes me think that they gave the models the appearance of having a cold to make them look natural.

  4. that silver jacket is insane! <3 great post. x

  5. Such a perfect collection <3 In loveee


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