Friday, May 1, 2015

can't you see we're only dancing

hello! i would like to do an outfit post (practically) every day in may regardless of how much i planned/like my outfit, and this is the first: 

i've had my shirt since childhood, the jeans are forever 21, and the shoes in this beautiful shade of blue that's slowly emerging as my favorite color partly because in the first few scenes of mamma mia! (which i only recently saw despite the fact that it's literally an ABBA musical?) everything in the hotel is this beautiful, rich shade of blue: 

sorry if that run-on sentence was hard to follow but the shoes were thrifted lol. also on that shade of blue: i was stressing about having a dress for graduation (!!!) and my friend found this for me:

l if you're reading this i love you because this is basically the perfect dress. it's sold out for my size atm but who knows, it's at least nice to finally have an image of what i want in a dress.

and a playlist:

1. all we are / utmost good [super cool 70s-ish pop]
2. got it / marian hill [a fun swinging sound with an amazing oboe solo]
3. this is not about us / kindness
4. fiya / tUnE yArDs [she sings "what if my own skin makes my skin crawl? what if my own flesh is suburban sprawl? what happens between us makes sense if i'm nothing and you're all, if i'm nothing at all" and it's all so honest]
5. fourth of july / sufjan stevens [i was so excited to finally listen to sufjan's newest album: carrie and lowell-- he's one of my favorite folk singers and his dreamy, moving songs never stop amazing me. this is one of the more story-telling based songs about being with his mother on her deathbed and i definitely recommend it]
6. i like to be alone / rachel trachtenbug [this is such a dreamy song and the video is like a picnic at hanging rock meets x-files]
7. inky sea / laura groves
8. soundtrack to mamma mia! [amazing overall but especially gimme gimme gimme, voulez vous, and mamma mia]
9. dream (original mix)/ autograf [i guess if i went to raves i would want them to play this song haha because it's electronic and it has this strange literally bubbling feeling]

ok i think that's all! i hope you all have a bright and beautiful may <3


  1. I love the shades of blue in Mamma Mia, they go really well with the sea and ocean setting :) Love the shoes :) xoxo

  2. Shirt shoe combo is very effortlessly cool

  3. things i love: sufjan stevens, mamma mia, this post.
    bella xx

  4. loving your blog!! All we are is a great song x


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