Monday, May 18, 2015

so just cut me loose, learn to tie your shoes

listening to a TON of sia 

i went to the chicago history museum's FashioNext competition finale a while ago. the competition involves chicago high school fashion students designing and constructing something based on a theme (i think this year's was the history museum's exhibit: fashioning the magnificent mile ). the designs were incredibly cool and smart, but i didn't get any pictures of them bc the lighting was kind of dark. i did get photos of some of my favorite looks from the exhibit itself:


this yohji yamamoto was my absolute favorite: the sheer wapping! it's hand-painted! *swoons*


very cool, simple, delicate
i feel like this would be the ultimate dress to dance to dancing queen in, if only bc of the color scheme


reminds me a lot of marques almeida for some reason, or maybe just the 90s faux fur trend. the blue adds a whole extra layer of coolness though. 


i think this would function incredibly well for me as a substitute wedding dress.

then my outfit: 


this is a pink velvet shirt from UO. I wasn't sure whether or not to dress up, so i wore UO mom jeans with thrifted block heels that apparently make me look like a granny (i'm pretty sure the person who told me that meant it as an insult lol). if anyone complains about socks with sandals, you're grounded tbh. the pants are a bit too big, and i had to lend my plain black belt to l because she needed it a lot more than i did, so instead of just tying the thrifted pink button down around my waist, i pulled it through the belt loops and knotted it. creative problem solving ftw. silver watch is thrift. 

l8r sk8rs,


  1. Love that shirt-belt. How I always used to improvise when I was carrying a jumper or whatever. :) xoxo

  2. Socks in sandals are the bomb! Also loving you shirt belt x

  3. That dancing queen dress is the dancing queen dress, mostly due to, like you said, the colours and also, that mannequin's pose. SWISH. "You look like a granny" comments are actually always compliments in disguise. Sometimes the speaker doesn't understand his/her own kindness.

  4. Love this song. I've been meaning to listening to some old Sia. I've been thinking about Sia a lot lately, i really admire her ( and we both like watching pus videos :p) I really need that substitute wedding dress in my life (my heart rate is speeding up just looking at it *fans self*. I love The sheer shirt and those embellishments on the pants, good lord...!). Love your outfit and the button down as a belt looks really cool. I've been wearing socks and sandals all spring long and have received some criticism for it but it's such a LOOK and i won't stahp! (some people just don't get it...). I agree with Khensani. Looking like a grandma is a good thing. :)


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