Sunday, May 24, 2015


jk jk lol

but i am officially 14! every year i realize that growing older is pretty much a scam, i never feel any different; this time i almost forgot it was even my birthday because i was so stressed out by other things. but then each year i convince myself that it will be different the next time: i'll be 15, i'll be a freshman in high school, 16: i get to drive, 17: dancing queen!, 18: college?? the future is so close, so far. everything is uncertain. einstein's theory of relativity is v real to me @ the moment. (on a related note, please tell me your interesting ideas about time in the comments so i can learn from y'all. i no longer have an excuse for being so uncool in comparison to willow smith now that we're literally the same age haha. )

anyway-- when i got dressed, i wanted to at least trick myself into thinking that i was growing, so i went for whatever the responsible, comfortable, mature woman of my future would wear.

part 1:

 heyyo! i'm cool AND i can dance?! the black turtleneck is the same one i wear in every single outfit thank you very much. i made the white culottes for my last fashion show (photos soon, i promise), the grey jacket is super old, idk where it's from, and the holograph shoes are thrifted. 

part 2:

i wore my dad's white shirt, unironed because i'm afraid of my responsibilities tbh; for a difference in shape i added the fringed pencil skirt that i made for my last fashion show, DIY-ed princess pin, and thrifted block heels. 

i accidentally did a google image search for that photo when i was attaching it, and i just really like the search results: 

ok, i'll go back to dressing like a 4-year old now!


  1. aw happy birthday!!! yeah, i agree. Time is just a conecpt that humans have created, I never usually feel any different when its my birthday ( i dont even get taller either so that doesnt help ) I suppose when you get to 16 you start to realise all the things you can do, but there is often comfort knowing that people will still treat you like a child. Idk 14 used to be like THE age for me. I don't want to spoil it for you because I bet you'll enjoy but it wasn't at all what I expected ahah. And btw I am loving the turtle neck look right now too! xx

    1. thank you! yeah i'm kind of afraid to become older bc of the responsibilities and the realization of how quickly time is passing, but i also can't wait.

  2. Happy birthday! haha that gif is the best. love the cullotes. Advice?..ummm stay motivated, find out what you like to do and keep doing it? uhh... don't get your hopes too high or you might get disappointed. Walk a lot with your head phones in,eat well so you feel well, and be okay with being alone. You seem like a pretty sharp kid and I know you will continue to do cool things. :)

    1. thank you thank you thank you amelia for the great advice!

  3. Happy birthday, Kani! omg you only being fourteen just made me feeel so old at grand 17. and please dont look at "only fourteen" as like patronising bcuz please celebrate it because you still have so many good times ahead of you, trust me (consider that elderly wisdom). u r so bright and clever and well dressed (especially considering how awful most 14 yr olds are (including me at that age)) nd continue on ur incline

  4. Happy birthday bb and I think age can be a very different concept for different people. I don't think age has to define how you feel or the validity of your opinions xoxo

  5. Happy happy happy birthday girl!! I'm sure the future as great things for you ^.^

  6. Happy birthday, Kani ! I know the future will bring many great things to you, you are very important to the world. And at the beginning of 14, so far ahead of your age, and you will only continue to grow. I wish you all the best <3

    You are cool.
    And omg you made those culottes?! They are perfect !!

  7. happy birthday! and those culottes look so fun. I'm getting more and more tempted to obtain a pair myself.


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