Wednesday, June 10, 2015

thick skinned chameleon

i'm exhausted. i'm finally graduating after months of stress. i'm a little worried about not showing enough emotion with my friends who are leaving either because i'm too detached or because i never really gave myself the chance to develop connections with them; i don't want to just float from person to person, i want to have roots. but to be honest, i really don't know what i feel. i regret the most not being kinder to more people, but i guess it's a little late. right now i'm mostly thinking about where i want to go and what i want to do and how much of life is just waiting.

1. 17 . youth lagoon
2. lay me down . sam smith
3. salad days . mac demarco
4. fourfiveseconds
5. the last time i saw richard . joni mitchell
6. laura . bat for lashes
7. be my baby . ariana grande
8. big girls cry . sia
9. acrobat . angel olsen
10. long-legged guitar pickin' man . johnny & june cash
11. eddie my love . teen queens
12. crying . d.d. dumbo
13. jailhouse rock . elvis presley
14.  milk . sea oleena
15. gooey . glass animals

this has basically nothing to do with anything, but i've been really in love with the aesthetic quality of produce lately. fresh fruits n vegetables are so great, i kno this isn't a #health(goth)blog but if are lucky enough to have access to this stuff, the adults in your life aren't lying when they tell you that it makes you feel genuinely better. 


i really like the layering: the black t-shirt dress is DIY, the floral dress and the birkenstocks are thrift.


ok that's all.


  1. nice
    new post:

  2. I appreciate this outfit a lot. Fruits n veg are great, freshly grown produce that's aesthetically pleasing, as well as tastes good are always a winner. Congrats on graduating! x

  3. Everyone's been telling me about Youth Lagoon later, I really need to check them out :) xoxo

  4. this whole post is so appealing (yESs fruits and veg). what you did with that one strap is SO cool. ooh congratulations on graduating! don´t worry you haven´t got any connections like that yet, you will. always remember your own words "how much of life is just waiting" xx

  5. that outfit is pretty rad (how did you make the t shirt dress? i love it) plus those fruit gradients are really pleasing. I've only just relented to the actual goodness of fruits and now I'm eating like 4 oranges a day #health


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