Saturday, June 20, 2015

your hands have lost the grip on their prize

i wore the outfit to the left last year with a kind of grey, utilitarian aesthetic in mind. the striped shirt is thrifted, both sweaters are from when i was younger, the one on the bottom is like knit, and i'm not sure what fabric the top one is but it feels really slick and smooth, like something i would wear if i was ryan gosling in a movie where i end up leaning thoughtfully on a car idk. the belt thing is just a shoelace. 

when i kind of rearranged some parts of the outfit to align more with the look of a thom browne rtw12 (below), i tied the sweaters together and around my legs (not at all practical for... walking... or moving) and the gray jacket on top is my mom's. LOVE YOU MOM!

can i just say that i'm 100% pro wool bullet bras. the idea of exaggerating the parts of the body that already protrude reminds me visually of rei kawakubo's lumps and bumps. i also love the shape of those shoes.i guess most of his clothes are like menswear and coat materials, and seeing the little satin collar at the top of this dress that looks like the lining of a coat made me smile a lot and think the words "thom browne you sly dog." in other news...

this is like the answer to a jeapordy category called wes anderson movies and couture clothing: fantastic mr. fox fur stoles. also, the layering! the combinations of materials and shapes!

this is one of my favorite thom browne collections: it maintains what i see as the aesthetic of his brand (disfigured, exaggerated silhouettes and his macabre color palette), but it also feels really exploratory, more relaxed. the tweeds and the elegant shapes of some of the looks also adds a feeling of couture wear that's interesting.

this is incredibly cool, it kind of reminds me of saint laurent in some ways, maybe it's just like the elegance of it all, or the thing that almost looks like a neck-bow thing.

maybe it's the collar or the ruffles, but this reminds me a lot of marie antoinette and just the general costume of the aristocracy. this dress is SO beautiful: the layers and layers of tulle, and the hundreds (thousands?) of little mirrors on there ughhhh.

the draping and shapes in this collection are amazing.

what do you guys think?



  1. Wow, that collection is creepily cool and Wes Anderson-like! xoxo

  2. The draping knit sweater is on-pointtt


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