Wednesday, June 24, 2015

we didn't realize that we had arrived at high tide

the movie picnic at hanging rock is a really interesting movie about a valentine's day disappearance at an australian boarding school. i'm not a horror movie person, but this was one of those weird psychological creeping ones that i just loved even if i screamed when edith screamed. it's compared to the virgin suicides a lot because of the treatment of teenage grls and the unresolved sinister something going on behind the scenes. 

i have a weird memory of the movie because i watched it for the first time while making a bunch of yellow flower crowns as a costume for a school project, so now whenever i smell hot glue, i think of the movie (isn't science great!). another thing that reminds me of the movie is junya watanabe s2003 rtw (how bad was that segue?) 





  • the florals and polka dots and airy blues just remind me of the summery innocent beauty that was a main part of the girls' characters. 
  • the umbrella hats are reminiscent of the ones they carried to their picnic. 
  • there were a lot of parachute straps wrapped around the models that seem like an interesting representation of the way that the girls at the school were confined.
  • the backpacks and shoes, and the way that some of the fabrics were hitched up into pants that make me think someone made them when they were forced to climb or run somewhere and physically couldn't do it in their skirts all make me think of like, something frantic or desperate. 

if you guys have seen the movie, please let me know what you thought of it, or this collection's relation to it, and feel free to send me an email with your conspiracy theories of what happened in the movie because i love reading those oh my gosh!



  1. Picnic at Hanging Rock was so wonderfully eerie- I remember being so angry at first that you didn't get to find out what happened, but now I'm sort of reconciled to the fact that the ending is an essential part of the movie's greatness haha
    Have you read the book?! If not I def recommend it :) xx

  2. this does totally have a schoolgirl vibe to it! dreamy for sure
    bella xx


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