Sunday, June 14, 2015

let's live suddenly without thinking



i took the ACT yesterday; i wanted to wear sweatpants because everyone wears sweatpants for standardized testing on saturdays, but i don't think i own a pair anymore, so i wore these blue jogger type things that are strangely comfortable. i wore that turtleneck BECAUSE I'M AN ARTIST and i wore a jacket because test centers are notoriously cold. i guess white shoes are for contrast or something. 

this outfit was very tired but i'm feeling increasingly aware of how fleeting everything is, and i want to record EVERYTHING and put it somewhere, so here we are. 

you can have a beautiful e.e. cummings poem to make up for it though: 

thank you!


  1. it looks good on you
    new post:

  2. yesss i feel the need to record everything too
    o you ever feel like you're going to be one of those old ladies that local news comes to film because they have like 10,000 journals? maybe that's just me...

    great e.e. cummings poem too btw



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