Friday, May 8, 2015

warm magical tropical oceans

my mom looked gr8 @ the met gala!

can i just say that i screamed when i saw this, i saw it on the christopher kane runway and i was like !! and i didn't think it could get any better but it did. this dress was made for her.

i'm wearing a  black t-shirt with a really cool texture from the gap, on top of a netted black tank top from express, with blue mom jeans from uo to contrast color. and then thrifted white sandals that go with everything.

talk to you soon! (tell me about your favorite met gala looks! the beauty that is rihanna's 100% self-aware resemblance to an egg yolk! lorde! the imperialist nature of the prompt for the theme (looking at China through an exclusively western perspective), how some of the outfits creeped into the territory of appropriation, and how inevitable (of course, still unacceptable) that was given the theme.



  1. Both that dress and that tank top are brilliant :) xoxo

  2. fka killed the dress game/she is art tbh. Love the color palette you used for your outfit/ the edge of mesh on your top/ strappy shoe details. Lorde looked amazing (btw i've been listening to her album a lot and it reminded me of you). Haha when I first saw Rihanna's dress it reminded me of a really delicious golden brown pita bread or a pancake. I loved Solange's look (omg it's sheer beauty...), Beyonce's and Kim Kardashian's looks were cool and reminded me of wearable constellations/fireworks displays.

  3. actually twigs was my favorite, but I have to bow my head to Rihanna, what she brought to life was pure magic. And oh, Lupita Nyong´o looked so classy and reminded me of a 1920´s flapper. I liked Rita Ora´s look too.

    Your outfit is so simple and clean, but the mesh brings it that edge <3 Cool as always xx !!

  4. hello!!!!! that dress is the best!!!! I love your top


  5. yes yes yes! I love the way you layered the tops
    twigs' dress was just pure art



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