Friday, November 28, 2014

you found the sweater on the ocean floor

i used lyrics from cousins by vw for my title because i feel like the fast-pace of the song reflects the recent jump in my productivity haha.

so... i thought it would be cool if i gave you guys an update on the art stuff i've been doing in the past few months and then you gave me some feedback on what you thought of it because that's what the internet is for??? aside from cats obviously.

over the summer i decided to submit some of my writing to a few zines:

in girls get busy zine issue #22 here

 in cherry zine issue #5 here (you might have to open it up in a new link to read it bc it's so blurry from the file format. and if you really want to read it- it's on page 47 of the zine.)

i don't love the photos i took to accompany this poem and i really just took them to test myself and see if i could do it but i am really happy they got published:

in lozenge mag issue #3 here

i strongly recommend reading through these zines because they are full of creative, intelligent, super cool people. 

all the writing i did above feels really 7th grade to me (because technically i was still in 7th grade when i wrote them) but it's kind of hard to look at it objectively when it's basically a part of you- so i'd really love to hear what you think about it.
the next two things also happened over the summer and were weird for me because i kind of assumed i would only ever be good at writing so i was really wary of trying out different things- and i was just doing it as a sort of experiment. 

photo of some tennis courts in the suburbs that turned out kind of cool

made using ms paint 

my favorite thing about all of those is the color: the blue and weird shade of red in the first, and then the gradient in the second one. it was v cool to see that other people enjoyed it and reblogged it and stuff 

then these are some of my more recent entries from my new journal- i kind of like that they have no specified theme, unlike the things i used to make, because it gives you a lot more freedom. also they're kind of a shift from my old busier collage stuff and i'm really liking it even though it all looks/feels to me, kind of rough and hurried and i'm pretty sure i've spilled coffee on everything:

v quik sketch

playbill from a show about rob rauschenberg that i saw with my friend. i loved the play because it was set in 1930s america, and they passed out food from that era (kool aid, processed cheese slices, pizza, candy) to kind of make us feel like we were in that era and it was really cool.

attempting to collage again


(sweater / marshall's)

i'm taking a fashion class at school this year and i made this skirt for my first show (i feel pretentious and weird saying that but whatever). the skirt looks a little weird on me because i took this photo in a rush so i didn't put it on correctly and it's also kind of wrinkled. (if it's not clear, the thing at the bottom is like a slit/flap).

my favorite thing about the skirt is probably the fabric which is blue-green with multicolored thread running through it:

 the fact that sharing art feels like both narcissism because "LOOK AT ME I MADE SOMETHING" but also full of self doubt because "omg is anyone going to ever like this thing i made?" is probably what scares me most about it. what do you guys think about all of the art? Also, if you wanna, you can link to some of YOUR stuff in the comments because i love reading/seeing what you smart, creative people have to say!


i'm super excited to say that i'm a staff writer for a really cool magazine called speak easy- we're launching december 1st- and you should follow us on instagram (@speakeasyzine) for more updates, in addition to submitting: (!


ps-  sorry for saying "really cool" 30 times <3


  1. I really like the collage that you made- and am a little jealous of your new found productivity, can I borrow some? :P

  2. 'Sweet Nothings in your Ears' is sooooooooo beautiful, I have no words to describe it.


  3. Your work is so good! You inspire me to submit more of my own work!! <3 Love how Dries Van Noten-ish your skirt looks :)


    1. Thank you so much! I'd never even thought about that comparison to my skirt before.


  4. Hey!
    I really like your Blog :) Nice Photos! Do you want to support each other
    and follow via GFC? But only if you like my Blog too. Lets stay in touch :)

    Greetings Sophia xx

  5. Your poems and art are so so so great. I'm getting the itch to make some new things as well now. And, yay, zines!!!!

  6. I am jealous of your pro activeness...I definitely need to take a leaf out of your book. I love all this work though its all very inspirational

  7. I feel proud of myself for understanding the French phrase in one of your photos. I am learning something in French class!!!

  8. I really like your writing, maybe it is because English isn't my first language but it just sounds right. It actually sounds like some sort of music to my ears when I read it out loud, it sort of feels like these words were just meant to be used in that particular order. I don't know, I just really enjoyed reading your work.
    I would love to see more of your fashion creations in the future ! (If you feel like sharing them of course)

    Charlie xx

  9. There's so much creativity out there, almost makes me afraid sometimes.

    / Avy


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