Monday, December 22, 2014

i got to fold because these hands are just too shaky to hold

winter always makes me crave warmth, like i'm not sure why; it definitely has something to do with wanting something that's really far away in the physical sense, but also in the sense of
1. safety
2. closeness

i tend to form really strong emotional attachments to people and things during the winter-time and then i start to fixate on having those things around me for a sort of stability. having a set routine. when things happen according to plan- i feel warm as in cozy and balanced.

the past few weeks have been v mixed for me: what happened in Ferguson and what's happening everywhere makes me sick and i think about it every day and it is terrifying and overwhelming. but at the same time- warm is the only way to describe the feeling i get from thinking about the people standing up for freedom, and the fact that people are finally paying attention to them.

links to petitions, donation master-posts, and information on ferguson

sweater / thrifted
skirt / marshall's 
tights / walgreens 
shoes / childhood

i wore this outfit a few weeks ago when it was a little warmer outside, and I wish it was nice outside again so I could wear it all the time because it's really simple and comfortable- and nowadays i just wake up and have no idea what to wear and feel completely uninspired and end up wearing something bLeRgH to match the weather ha.

this winter, i'm really yearning for a beautiful, warm coat: something in pastel or neutral with cool color-blocking/paneling and a loose silhouette. i feel like if you have a beautiful coat on- it adds a type of subtlety to your entire self.


honestly, owning one of these Hermes coats is *the* goal when I get older and want to become a werqing gurl because it vaguely reminds me of a 90s power-suit, but also seems to be elegant and huge and flowing enough to shield me from "adult responsibilities" or whatever that means.

recently i've also been feeling that winter is a really good time for crying: not always out of sadness, but sometimes just for emotional release. so i made this playlist called :cry: (the text form of the crying emoji)

1: autre ne veut is literally crying as he sings one of the verses 2: about the importance and comfort of crying 3: being dissatisfied w life atm  4: kind of a lost love story 5: wanting to curl up inside of yourself 6: forgetting 7: wanting/needing/craving something out of your reach 8: sometimes people need other people 9: a-loneliness 10: advice for sad times 11: it's fiona apple 

if you're looking for something cool to get me to tide me over the long days i'm gonna spend indoors this winter: gone home the video game came out last august and i'm still freaking out. gone home is a first person narrative set in 1994, with the player as Kaitlin Greenbrier- who comes home after a year abroad to discover her family home deserted, and has to solve the mystery of what happened. last year i was obsessed because i was so into the riot grrrl aspects of this game. and even though i no longer feel a lot of allegiance to 90s feminism, i still appreciate that's it's a game with a plot that's so spooky and sensitive, and incredible attention to detail in the graphics.




and while we're on the subject, what do you guys want/need for survival during the winter?


[ calvin klein aw 14 // jil sander aw 07 // calvin klein aw 07 // dkny aw 14 // creatures of comfort aw 14 // 3.1 phillip lim aw 14 // hermes aw 14 ]

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  1. I'm a little petty right now because I am so so happy it is crazy warm here right now. Winter is not my fave. Especially because I can never wear a fabulous pastel pink coat here in winter because it's still kind of too warm for that too. That Go Home looks amazing. It reminds me of my Sims 2 days. And your skirt is adorable.


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