Thursday, December 25, 2014

you've applied the pressure, to keep me crystalised

[issue 1 of pure magazine is a really interesting discussion of minimalism]

i'm definitely not a minimalist. i love clutter and i love noise (i don't like capitalism but still...). that doesn't make me incapable of appreciating that there is something interesting about using the ideas of limits and satisfaction to govern your life.

i think the greatest appeal of minimalism is having a clear distinction between what you want and what you need. because once that line is gone, it starts to feel like you need everything. i've been trying to carve out more time in my life for the things that i actually enjoy doing, instead of the mindless tasks that i feel like i have to do. adopting a more minimalist lifestyle could definitely help with this: i wouldn't have to check as many e-mails or clean out as much junk from my room.

 i could go on for hours about how great it would be if i could get rid of everything that wasn't vital to my existence- but we both know i would never actually go through with it haha. i'm pretty sure that even if i were to give away of all my clothes that weren't #normcore (for example lol), in a few weeks i would hate dressing like a 46-year old dad and would want to only class patterns and colors like Solange.

as a general stereotype, minimalism in fashion translates directly to an image of neutral colors, clean lines, geometric shapes etc. of course minimalist fashion can also exist within the concepts of deconstructing and distorting clothing (in a way that ignores the conventional form of the body), so it becomes minimalist as in, abandoning all other influences; but i'll probably talk more about that another time.

right now i want to focus on the image of minimalism that's kind of monochrome and structured in some of the more recent shows:

i'm really into the drop-waist dress on the left and then the enveloping layers of trench coat. and the positioning of the white jacket made the skirt look kind of like a peplum.


this left is like a nouveau turtleneck from jil sander, the queen of turtlenecks, and i really hope that neckline becomes a huge trend next year and trickles down to the retail end. the dress on the right is like a mod shift dress but it looks simultaneously more futuristic and more classic. i think i want all of these clothes??


the shapes and random flaps are so cool- it kind of reminds me of something jacquemus would do. the skirt-suit looks really rigid and is the type of thing i would kill to recreate somehow. and the cut for the shirt on the left is e x c e l l e n t. can you imagine having a classic white shirt or whatever- but with that fold on there?


i really love the slight color contrast with the straps and flaps on the left, and then the texture and shape contrast of the black one with boxy leather against the silkyness/slinkyness of the pants

wowwow all of this talk about minimalism is making me
a. see this type of minimalism as a re-creation of previous themes or trends (turtlenecks, peplums etc), but using new, creative cuts and shapes
b. imagine a cross-over banksy/what the fashion! type meme where Ivania Carpio* destroys public buildings and department stores "FOR MINIMALISM"

that's all for now; i hope everyone has a happy december 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th ....


* Ivania, if you're reading this i love u and i apologize for using your name in a B+ (at best) attempt at humor!

[christophe lemaire ss 2015 // jil sander aw 2014 // calvin klein ss 2014 // helmut lang ss 2014]


  1. the shoes from the jil sander collection x_x love your fashion commentary btw !!

    p.s. thank you for including that little magazine part – i have been looking for a free online publisher like that for a while

    1. Thank you! Yes those shoes are amazing

  2. I like this blog!
    It is great!

  3. as I type this, I type this from a state of awe. Awe at your knowledge and understanding of fashion and of t h i n g s. You remind me of Willow Smith in that way. Young, but so knowledgeable. In the least patronising way, at 13 (right?) I was so so lost.

    I hearted your fashion commentary.


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