Thursday, November 6, 2014

as the sun's shining down ... spring rains fill the vast plain

carrizo plain / gardens & villa

Looking up at the sky is one of the many signs that I am almost insignificant - I do enjoy feeling like the center of the universe, but waiting for life to pass you rushes straight to your brain until everything you do is insignificant- nor for the sake of nihilism, but for the sake of doing what makes you happy while you have the chance to be alive because it has no real impact. not only are you insignificant, but so is fear, so is loathing- if nothing means anything in the grand scheme, then why fill yourself up with unhappiness. 

Looking up at the sky makes me feel surreal- I can't possibly be alive if this is changing colors and raining on nations as I'm looking up at it. I'm in the middle of reading the first surrealist novel: Nadja by Andre Breton. The beginning is very dense and kind of mundane and I'm patiently waiting for the plot to reveal itself to me.

About to leave her, I want to ask one question which sums up all the rest, a question which only I would ever ask, probably, but which has at least once found a reply worthy of it: "Who are you?" And she, without a moment's hesitation: "I am the soul in limbo" 

the lisbon girls are surreal because they just did not make sense and i think that surrealism is somehow tied to contradiction it has to be too complex to be understood by a direct method/

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a denim jacket i tried to bleach; it didn't really work but it looks a bit like the sky now

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the sky a few days ago

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time transfixed from a recent visit to the art institute

Magritte is one of my favorite surrealists- maybe because he uses the sky so often- and I was really happy when Opening Ceremony came out with a Magritte-inspired collection, and described it as "wearable art".

sheherazade dress

sheherazade sneakers

double reality

the king'ss museum coat

good connections top

the blow to the heart sweater

la cascade bomber jacket

ladder of fire sweater

I really loved the constant references to the lovers and how the photographer used blue and white and shadows to kind of mask/distort the models' bodies. I would say the stuff inspired by sheherazade is my favorite because I really like how detailed and vivid it is- and I also love the shape of the good connections outfit.

the fabric covering the heads of the models is also kind of reminding me of a combination of commes des garcons (for the almost-grotesque and the white) and a margiela mask.

cdg ss2013 via 

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What do you guys think of all this-the art and the clothes- and (if you’d like to share) how were your days today?


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  1. Magritte's my favourite too! I'm of the 'pompous' school that thinks he's a lot greater than Dali. Anyway, I love this. Not only because ah my two favvvv mediums of art being joined together but I also get to get my art-snob-round-frame-sunglasses on when designers do, like, Mondrian and Picasso inspired collections. I'm crazy about this.
    Also, the neutral almost stiff posture of the models is very reminiscent of Magritte's self-portraits

    1. I completely agree! There's something about his work that's just more attractive than Dali's- and yeah, I'm a big fan of putting on the "art-snob-round-frame-sunglasses"- especially indoors. I hadn't even noticed what you said about the posture but that's so cool.

  2. ur optimism inspired me here, v v relevant: "if nothing means anything in the grand scheme, then why fill yourself up with unhappiness."
    i love the art inspired clothes so much i think its beautiful when great mediums are fused its like a unique interpretation of the art:-) also the model pictures are just captivating

    1. thank you so much! i really like what you said about fusing mediums.

  3. This post is so good Kani. I'm putting it in my favourites. Margritte is one of my favourite artists too, thank you for bringing these clothes to my attention. It's weird, I actually thought the first model in the sheherazade dress was a doll.
    Great post :)


  4. I also love Magritte, his world makes sense even though it's completely absurd. If you know what I mean.


    1. i totally get what you're saying haha


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