Saturday, October 18, 2014

doomed n cool

so school  is good and crazy and i'm trying to project the cher horowitz philosophy of getting what i want more than the lindsay weir / everyone everywhere philosophy of bein moody about everything  (which is hard for me because i'm so used to people pleasing + taking things the way they are while sulking angrily in the corner.)

i honestly love my teachers and the classes i'm taking which makes me feel so grateful that i get this education and i have to make it worth it even though um.... school sux (?)  bc stress and the fact that i don't even know what consistently getting a full night of sleep feels like and i basically live for the weekend while resenting the fact the weekend is here and i still haven't done anything creative or fun.

this year i'm taking a lot of classes that are heavily focused on independent work/research and i'm taking french 2- which is great because learning a language is actually really exciting and it makes me feel all: "wow the world is so alive with people that we actually have millions of ways of communicating cool."

my english teacher is ridiculously kind and constantly talking about our intellectual lives and recommending good books and supporting people and is basically the definition of that really smart chill teacher.

basically i feel like i'm learning a lot and this year's gonna be really good / important for me.


super laid back mainly because this was the first day and the most important thing for me during the entire first week is BEING COMFORTABLE. mentally, you're already pretty disjointed because of all the changes and confusion going on and it's even worse when you have to worry about a belt falling or clothes that need to be readjusted constantly or are too itchy or tight. + comfortable shoes because you have no idea how many stairs you need to walk up and down

shirt \ express
jeans \ f21
shoes \ from this post


this was like me waking up too late and listening to this song a lot.

tommy hilfiger golf shirt \ thrifted
mom jeans \ UO
shoes \ thrifted


i'm proud of this outfit because layers, and these colors relaxed me a lot, which is good because of the aforementioned first-week-stress.

t-shirt \ thrifted
net tank top \ express
skirt \ marshalls
shoes \ childhood


sweater \ f21
skirt \ childhood
mom jeans \ f21
reeboks \ thrifted

hey- basically the same outfit i wore in some oldblue posts, sorry.

i hope school is going killer for you guys, and i wanna hear allllllll about it (along with what you thought of these outfits).



  1. I also want to be having a relatively great time at school and well dressed and cool and thirteen again :'(
    also, your thrifting skills are obviously spectacular because those jeans/sneakers/lace-ups are everything.

  2. I like your outfits a lot! I wish I could put together outfits like these instead of perpetually hibernating in an over-sized jumper. The 3rd outfit was my favourite! Also, LANGUAGES MAN! I get that "woah people THE WORLD people COMMUNICATION" thoughts when I'm learning French too! I find it really sad that there are people that I could have meaningful relationships with and get along with super well if it wasn't for a language barrier! How many books are there that I would love but that I'll never read because they haven't been translated? Stuff like that is so sad but also kind of romantic. Sorry for the word vomit! Languages are just so interesting!

    1. Thank you! I totally agree about the whole language barrier thing- sometimes for things like poetry, some really interesting/beautfiul parts could get lost in translation which is really sad. x

  3. all the outfits are so gooood and I'm calling the first one "In Bloom" because of the flowers/ nirvana is always relevant. The second is what I call "what i'd wear on a date with Ezra Koening". I really like the minks song too btw. The third is what is what I call "Alexander Wang's tennis/basketball team". And the last I feel like is a "Kani Signature" you always kill me with the pants/tutu combos. I really want to invest in a tulle skirt now...

    xx Amelia

    1. Thanks- you're really good @ coming up with these things!

  4. I really love your second and third outfit, very pretty. I love layering too and it's very practical when temperatures are falling, which they are here in south of France.
    I find learning new languages very exciting as well, I'm not in school anymore but I've been trying to learn Korean on my own lately, thank god there are so many helpful websites to help me with it. It's complicated but I feel I've learned so much already, because it broadens your horizon to a whole new culture. So so very interesting !
    Don't let yourself get discouraged by the complicated french grammar, it's a beautiful language. (I promise I'm not only saying that because it's my birth language haha)

    Have a nice day xx

    1. Thank you so much! I can't believe you're reading this in France- aghhh that blows my mind. I really agree with what you said about learning languages and thanks for the french advice. x

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  7. luv this luv this ur outfits are fab like omg TUTUS!!! im so glad u have supportive teachers nd ur enjoying school man its so necessary cos teachers affect ur learning so so much i hope u can keep on top of school so u make the most of it but also ENJOY LIFE!!!!


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