Saturday, July 11, 2015

i'm drawn to the blood, the flight of a one winged dove

the sensation of being lost: i took two really long roadtrips through the midwest in april, and i'm still thinking about them. it was around the same time that i was studying  a lot of entomology, and gaining a strange sort of appreciation for the insects that usually make me really uncomfortable.

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i became really obsessed with the endless valleys and plains outside the window, and the general color combination this reminds me of: a faded yellow, brown, and baby blue. the horizontal intersection of a warm sunset with a valley full of flowers. 

or a few days ago when i was sitting on the floor of my room (as a hopeless teen does) and the light was streaming in and bathing the entire place in an orange as deep as the california fruit. i tried to get a picture, but my phone just whitewashed the entire scene. it either mean that i need to learn to appreciate the ephemeral when i can, or that i need an actual camera. 

death valley pt. 2 // january

  • the scene in papillon where elsa looks at a mountain scene and says that it looks like it's part of a scenery calendar, and the grandpa replies that it's better than a calendar. 
    • it might not be possible to get the same effect from looking at nature pics online bc there's an underlying tone that it's not real until you live it and see it w your own eyes (and even then its being filtered and interpreted). 
  • the part in dandelion wine where thomas realizes that he's alive and the whole world seems to be exploding before him
    • sometimes the entire world is so vivid and loud and overwhelming it's hard to believe that you're a real part of it all. 

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there's also the feeling of getting lost, mostly the way its expressed in picnic at hanging rock. the unavoidable mountain faces, the daze of the heat, the physical manifestation of a deep internal confusion. 


the (metropolitan) yellow sweater , white (elle) sandals and the brown (villager) purse are thrifted, (bdg) mom jeans are uo

thank you! what are you guys feeling right now? 


  1. love the colours of this post! and super impressed you used the Order name for dragonflies for the first image! :)
    I'm a science nerd for stuff like that//

  2. I sympathise with the whole crappy camera thing. Countless times my effort to take a picture of that gorgeous sunset/chromatic lake/some other natural wonder has been foiled by my phone :(.
    new camera time indeed

  3. I'm adding those first two movies directly to my list w/o passing go or collecting two hundred dollars.I saw "hanging rock" a little while back and I really like the way you describe the main theme-- made me kind of want to revisit it. I like this post a lot bc it reminds me of all the weird/cooped up feels of summer. love the outfit too!


  4. this is such a beautiful post as usual. i found hanging rock so totally eerie but i totally get what you're talking about with the lost vibez. the colours in this post are fab as is your outfit!
    bella xx

  5. "the light was streaming in and bathing the entire place in an orange as deep as the california fruit" you are a wonderful writer, man. you've got these hard-hitting lines that MAKE ME WANNA ROCKET TO SPACE and like dance in anti-gravity.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic


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