Monday, August 10, 2015

ain't no rest for the wicked

a garish confrontation between the corporate and creative london is  the inspiration behind claire barrow's aw15 collection.  silky pieces screen-printed pieces with the designer's notes and scribbles, and gelled hair dance in the wind of office fans placed next to each model. these fans create an artificial outdoor experience in the grey-carpeted office space. 


Erin Armstrong, “Through the French Quarter”

the gloves add something victorian to the all-velvet look. i really love the pegasus drawings on the bottom. 

i was also reminded of the creepy schoolgirlish (coraline, the shining twins) vibe from the doodles on the tights on the right. the line drawings make me think of karolina koryl's drawings:


mom, who is your vcmcuum clnn? / july 2015 / karolina koryl

the aesthetic of the hand-written notes (scrawled and panicked) is very #relatable to me and the way i try to keep my life organized. i also am a big fan of the color and material of the skirt. 


the "high flyer" theme built on a desire to fly away from the bustle of the city was also seen in the windswept hair tied up and leather aviator pieces that make up the uniform of an amelia earhart character. 


comme des garçons shirt 

the outerwear in this collection is incredible too: the scribbled scarves, 70s suede jacket and billowing coat manage to be both practical for windy cities and really cool.

thanks 2 everyone who stuck through my 3 week hiatus while i was at a hippie summer camp where they took our phones away ;(. if you're wondering, it was a great experience, and i'm excited to get back into my regular rituals and schedule.


through the french quarter by erin armstrong / by karolina koryl  /commes des garcons shirt 


  1. I soooOo feel the relatability of the scrawled notes on the scarf, man!!! Also, would love to hear about hippie camp?????

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ sonjatitanic

    1. cool, i will try to get it in soon! thank you for reading!

  2. I seriously love that dress on the top right! :) xoxo

  3. I love the scribbled notes and the blue dress. It's sort of an awkward length and I like the striped tights peeking through.
    Thanks for showing us this!



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