Monday, August 17, 2015

if you're offering me diamonds and rust i've already paid

lately i've been feeling a more subtle version of the 60s mod girl: big sur, joni mitchell, all those jean luc goddard movies, brigitte bardot and the eponymous shirts, polo necks and suedes, high waisted trousers, brogues etc.

i took the photos with my webcam this time, and like, it's grainy as usual, but i kind of like it??

copenhagen street style \ topshop cord button dress \ everything i'm wearing is thrifted.

(anouk aimee / tumblr / francoise hardy / bianca jagger)

i couldn't find them anywhere but i really really want those big round structured sunglasses, the ones that your grandma has idk.

(francoise hardy / chloe sevigny fw13 / francoise hardy, christy turlington)
turtlenecks: i love them, they always look cool. i might have mentioned this before but i used to hate them passionately until 7th grade, and if you're keeping track that's 13 years of missing out on a chance to look like anyone from your friend's dad to a 60s pop singer. versatility, my friends. 

(top row: edie sedgwick / bottom row: jane birkin)

casual dressing in a button down or a loose shirt and blue jeans-- like margaret's 'painting outfit' in big eyes. 
big eyes

unknown / francoise hardy / brigitte bardot

these strange polyurethane pleather suit-things. not really sure what they are but i've noticed a bit of them. i love the shape and sunset color of the first one.

 the all white. bianca jagger's suit is like the absolute queen of this concept. it's so cohesive and so effortless. francoise hardy looks p cool too.

what do you guys think of this look? what have you been into lately?



  1. My personal fave is that suede dress at the beginning of the post, where is it from?


  2. I love mod vibes. I've been obsessed with that picture of francoise hardy in the frill turtleneck for ages, until the other day when I found a FRILL TURTLENECK. I am truly one step closer to being french x


  3. The whole 60's mod girl thing is SUCH a look, it also happens to be a look that I'm seeing everywhere and I love it! Also, yes, I feel you so much re: turtlenecks, I harboured so much hatred for such a beautifully versatile piece of clothing and I regret every second of it. Your outfit is great, denim skirts are the best!


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