Monday, August 31, 2015

i know that you're out here

this is the outfit i've been wearing for trying to be productive and creative in the last few days of summer. it's loose and really comfortable and works well for the fluctuating weather.

i kind of just found the pink and yellow sweater in my closet / i made the white culottes / and the really cute delicious-smelling hello kitty candy bracelet that somehow matches the sweater (!) was a favor from a friend's birthday party. 


Claude Monet
Peaches (detail), 883

i've been really loving the warm sunset tones of peaches and nectarines and all those stone fruits. i read this thing about how the most beautiful color schemes are the ones found in nature and i got weirdly excited about it. i think that (and drake) has been my main point of inspiration lately. 

The Great Barrier Reef, Allan Power 1969

i'm also thinking a lot about the vma's last night-- namely mtv's obsession with female "beef." the use of that word feels like they are so determined to reinforce the "angry black woman" trope through nicki minaj that they would posit a rightful criticism about anti-blackness in the music industry (one that continues to reward white people for the colonization of black culture) as a needless display of anger. it trivializes a valid discussion that needs to be had and makes it out to be a catfight i guess.


Victor Higgins

it makes nicki seem petty and makes miley look like the innocent victim and before you know it, we're discussing her feelings instead of the very real issues facing black creatives. we're reducingas a 14 year old black girl who's trying to create a space for herself in the world, it makes me uncomfortable that the idea of nicki standing up for herself or other black women could easily be ignored because she's not being as polite as possible in the face of ignorance or hatred.

i just finished that candy bracelet, and this post is over. it's so meta <33

 peaches (claude monet) / the great barrier reef (allan power) / by victor higgins


  1. I so agree with this whole "beef" between women in this industry. I feel like the WHOLE REASON Nicki ever said anything has no just been lost in the hurricane of buzzfeed posts with gifs being like "OMG LOOK THESE WOMEN HATE EACHOTHER VOTE ON OUR POLL WHO'S RIGHT???" and it makes me really sad.

    Anyways, that candy necklace is wickedly matching the sweater and it makes me feel super awesome.

    (っ♥︎◡♥︎)っ intergalactic glitter monster

    1. thank you! you're so riiiiiight, the anti-capitalist cynic in me also blames this a bit on the need for everything celebrities do to be commercialized and packaged in a way that's easy to consume without actual analysis of the issues at hand.


  2. hmm, I wonder whether I can find those candy bracelets here. I want one after this post :)

  3. Very intresting post! Thank you!


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