Saturday, July 4, 2015

could i be the sky on the fourth of july


this outfit isn't at all weather appropriate but whatevr. the red sweater is from my childhood, the white shirt is my dad's, and the blue jeans are express.

i was kind of saving these for an end of the month playlist thing but these are just really good albums that are like the soundtrack to the summer months for me.


AM . arctic monkeys. i listened to so much arctic monkeys in 7th grade oh my gosh. it was on a lot of best albums of 2014 lists so you may have already heard about it, but it definitely deserves all of the praise it got. the writing is all incredibly sleek and clever, the sound is like a funkier rock than their previous stuff i guess. i put it in june because of the way it kind of captures the brazen coolness of the first month of freedom (favorite song - snap out of it).


the only place . best coast has been my go-to summer album for a while because it's all laying at the beach, waiting for nothing to happen, angsty sleepy rock and it basically just plays in the background 24/7. (favorite song - do you love me like you used to)


mala . devandra banhart. this album is swingy and lazy and hot and sticky thoughtful folk-rock which, not to sound ridiculous, is all i want to listen to when anything is winding down and i'm thinking about how i feel. but this album has also been the background to me just working, which is sometimes inconvenient because i just end up JAMMING. it's sweet and funny and completely unexpectedly beautiful. (favorite song - fur hildegard von bingen and because i'm a cheater, a gain)

also another really amazing album, but kind of feels more like spring and the attached concept of rebirth: the title of this song is from carrie & lowell by sufjan stevens which i refuse to shut up about... what summer albums do you reccomend?



thank you for reading