Thursday, January 8, 2015

a post about nothing

the past two days have been so incredibly cold, that we were forced to have snow days at school. i've lived in chicago for years, but i'm still amazed that anyone manages to survive in a city where it goes from 40°F to -3°F in a matter of weeks. the cold makes me bitter and cranky. not to mention bored and listless because i simply cannot leave the house.

i'm really into watching seinfeld in the winter, and on the mornings when i can't figure out what to wear  and still stay warm (in a total outfit-repeater move), i wear my seinfeld outfit:


turtleneck: thrifted from boy's section a long time ago
mom jeans: UO
reeboks: thrifted

(i'm pretty sure i've already posted some variation of this outfit sometime before but whatevr, i've got some more interesting outfits planned for later)

in the spirit of things, here are two of my favorite seinfeld-themed pieces of the internet:

George Costanza woodburn.

the jerry seinfeld skeletons blog (screencaps episodes of seinfeld and replaces characters with skeletons)

i haven't seen every single episode of seinfeld, so feel free to talk about your favorite episodes in the comment, and i'll make sure to check them out if i haven't seen them before. 



  1. I've never watched Seinfield but seen screencaps and gifs on the internet and it looks funny. I wish I got snow days where I live. It hasn't snowed in 2 years in the south of England :( I'm not too keen on the snow and the cold, but I want to have time off school! At the moment all we get is torrential rain. Love your outfit though haha xx

  2. Love the dad outfit. I love normcore and I keep hearing people compare it to the style in Seinfeld. I saw a little of an episode last year but never a full episode. I need to check it out more properly. :)

  3. I love this little jumper, a great find :) I look forward to what you write/ do in the next year, you've got some really great/interesting posts. I like the post where you wear your dads shirt backwards, looks great. And you wrote some great important things about moving on and improving, plus I'll also have to check out the books you read in 2014. Always looking for new things to read(I also read beloved last year and thought it was amazing)
    Also a big thank you for featuring me in your blog list on the right, it made me smile a lot!! :D

  4. I adore that outfit! It is both cozy and fashionable.

  5. Hey,
    I really like your Blog! Would you like to support each other and follow via GFC and/or Bloglovin? I hope we stay in touch. :)

    Greetings, Sophia xx
    Instagram: sophiaton_

  6. My dad loves Seinfield, so I've seen a few episodes! I think I prefer Curb your Enthusiasm, the humour is so on point :)

    Rags of Love-Alternative London Fashion and Beauty Blog

  7. loveeee thisss!! seinfeld is the best comedy of all times. perfect for winter mornings or evenings. also i am so glad that 90s fashion is making a comeback without the 90s hair, not sure I could go through that again hahaa.


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