Saturday, September 19, 2015

you know we can always change scenes (school looks)

hi! i just finished my first week of school and.. it's already kicking my butt?? but it's okay, this year i'm really trying to focus on supporting myself, working through things, figuring out more about who i am--- i'm ready for it tbh. it's my freshman year of high school and i feel like i'm on the precipice of something, idk what, but it's exciting.

this song is so funky and sweet, and the video is just a really cool concept, like i'm surprised it hasn't been done before, but it's ok because it works so well for this tune. 


jing wen for zara trf f/w 15
jing wen for zara

via tumblr
my first day outfit was just like a shirt, jeans, and sneakers, because (i've said this before but) the first day is so stressful! and disorienting! that you need something that makes you feel physically comfortable, and emotionally stable- which in this case translates to simplicity.

my kind of outer-space look  for the second day was : a thrifted purple skirt and black turtleneck, and a shirt i made.

thursday was the thrifted turtleneck and shoes, a bracelet worn around my ankle from my childhood, and a uo grid dress. 

 friday! i wore this cute tie-strap shirt that i just made, with uo jeans. 

that's all for now, i'm really interested in knowing how you guys are doing w school, and ofc always the added reminder that your overall health should be the priority! and to support and trust yourselves! and be honest and kind (esp. to yourself!) ok, ok, i'm done being yr guidance counselor/vodka aunt for now.



  1. your inspo pictures are always perfection

    I love the top that you made and the uo grid dress


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