Sunday, October 13, 2013

I don't know what to call it

What's up my peeps (Look! I'm using popular teenage slang. Am I part of the club now?)

(I wrote this post a while ago, but it got lost in my web of draft posts so...)

Today was a hectic mix of spending hours on the interwebs obsessively stalking blogs that are better than mine in an attempt to feed off their ability to blog effortlessly and get inspiration, listening to Hole, cleaning the house, finding glitter in random places after doing a crafty thing with glitter a few days ago, and doing some more crafty things.

t-shirt-library volunteer, skirt-childhood, pins -DIY
Once again, I apologize for the disgusting photo quality of these.

 I made this moodboard because I really wanted a physical representation of some of the vibes I've been feeling*on the internet.

clockwise from top left: glitter lipgloss holder in the shape of a jewel, rock colored blue with chalk, sleeping mask, barbie hair brush, kitschy hair things, girl's book of glamour: guide to being a goddess.

Old sewing manual from the 1950s, Shirley Temple double feature CD, weird party favor mini-game shaped like a bunny (I don't know what it's called)

Two plastic easter egg halves, barbie mini-purse, nail file, Lizzy the lizard, picture printed from somewhere on the internet and then made into a psuedo-polaroid by moi, (I am truly sorry that this can't be sourced correctly, darn you Internet! Just kidding, I love you. If you know where this is from, let me know.) .

The shining gem of this moodboard, my very own 90s Barbie Sing-A-Long Karaoke set. I kind of feel bad that I never use it anymore because it's just so cool.

Coasting along this sudden wave of creativity, I did this page in my journal kind of centered around "Doll Parts" by Hole.

(click through for a bigger picture)

It's weird because there was a huge disconnect between the outfit I wore and the vibes I was getting from the journal collage and the moodboard. But maybe later I'll wear something a little more along the lines of the whole sickly sweet-pastel-ness.

*Seriously Kanyinsola, "feeling vibes"? What are you, a middle-aged hippie? Nothing against middle-aged hippies though, you guys are pretty cool.

Bye bye,

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