Saturday, October 5, 2013

Flying Sky High

What's up ladies and gents?

I know that I'm a horrible blogger and person and all of that because I haven't blogged in ages, but yeah, more about that later. Today I want to talk about one of my favorite childhood movies, which I just re-watched for the fourth or fifth time a while ago.

You guys, look at that really bad quality movie poster, doesn't it just look amazing. There are multiple reasons that I love love love Sky High

  • a lot of humor
  • a high school love story playing in the background
  • dramatic plot lines and action sequences
  • regular high school drama... but with superheroes and evil villains
  • an extraordinary amount of special effects
  • the internal conflicts
  • mad science
  • buildings that fall out of the sky
  • outcasts that end up saving the world
  • a plot twist (actually two)
  • a character whose mom is a superhero and dad is a supervillain and his name is Warren Peace
  • people that turn into babies
  • the general "Be yourself/sometimes the misfits are the cool kids" lesson that you see in most movies marketed to children
  • for me, a lot of nostalgia
  • an actual platonic relationship between two main characters without any intent to make anything romantic for any reason, which is something you usually don't see in movies, let alone Disney movies 
  • This guy (for the full effect that has to be said in literally the sleaziest voice imaginable)

  • Magenta and her insanely cool style
Her name's Maj because she has magenta streaks in her hair and wears mainly purple clothing (as seen above)


  • "If life were to suddenly get fair, it wouldn't be high school." Layla
  • "If you ever cross me again, I'll roast you alive." Warren
So how about you guys, have you ever seen Sky High and what are your favorite childhood movies? Let me know in the comments (I really love reading them!)


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  1. I didn't remember this movie at all! Thank you for talk about it!!!


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