Saturday, November 16, 2013

fart sounds

I don't really have many words for you in this post. I'm sorry/you're welcome that all I have are these lovely songs that have gotten me through countless study sessions and essays. Contrary to the post title, these songs do not remind me of farts, but both fart sounds and these songs make me smile (sometimes uncontrollably), something I really should be ashamed to mention here, but I'm not.

These songs give off a certain vibe that I really feel matches these pictures.

curvesincolor:Milliha Ahmad. 

knowbysight:Sigmar Polke

lostsoulseternal:Now this is good art

sadnipple:photo from Hel Looks

yes-asianstreet:Yes Asian Street

Themes: autumn, nature, burnt, worn-out/frayed, layers
Colors: orange, brown, dark red, green, warm colors
I'm trying hard to translate these concepts into my real life right now, but it's kind of hard.


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