Tuesday, November 5, 2013

you could tell me that you love me

shirt, jacket, skirt - thrifted, shoes - can't remember, necklace- Claire's (it's hard to believe but past the rows of One Direction posters, there are really nice things at Claire's)

I wore this outfit to give my class president speech in front of 300 people. I know what you're thinking. Me? A socially inept adolescent speaking in front of a group of people? NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. My only inspiration to not drop out of the election and burst into tears after the speech was channeling everyone's favorite obsessive, ruthless, overachieving political candidate, Tracy Flick.

I could ramble for hours about Reese Witherspoon’s role as Tracy Flick in Election but I won't, because trust me, no one wants to stick around for that (actually it’s mostly because I’m too lazy.) hahaha. No seriously, I’m that lazy. All you need to know is that it’s a crazy good movie about an obsessive, over-achieving girl running for president (Plot Twist: I AM Tracy Flick!)

Rookie managed to pick out all the songs that pretty much capture the essence of Tracy’s pure determination to win class president and I strongly suggest you listen to it here (No, that wasn't a suggestion. That was a command.)

PS. We're just going to conveniently ignore the fact that my posts on this blog are nowhere near where they should be, OK? Cool.

*title is from the song: I'm Afraid They're All Talking About Me - Dawn

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  1. Oh my gosh Election is literally the best, and your outfit is so adorable ! And I totally admire you for giving such a big speech, I could never handle something like that haha ! xxx


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