Wednesday, May 7, 2014

to be our age was very heaven

hi... i'm sorry i've been so absent lately- but this time, I actually have an excuse (other than insatiable laziness) it was tech week and then opening week for my dance performance and then I had to complete a bunch of scholarship essays (bleh.)
1. this lil short post (sorry it's so photo-heavy) is just here to explore the aesthetic vibes associated with a sort of stereotypical portrayal of TEENAGE GIRLHOOD. Of course I'm still interested in discussing the deeper societal implications of femininity - but maybe not today because I still have to study for exams.  

2. When I was compiling these photos, I basically fell asleep on my keyboard trying to find and type all of the sources [none of them are mine] so "insert stuff about how the internet is (read: I am) super irresponsible and yah if you know the sources plez comment thank you."

3. I also noticed that most of the photos had a pretty one-dimensional, conventional image of femininity that is also kind of heavily focused on sexuality I wish could have gone a bit deeper- but as I said, this post is purely for aesthetic exploration so even though I'm a bit frustrated, I won't be posting a rant about it.


innocence (or loss of): Virgin Suicides, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Lolita, roses, pale

pageantry: Hole, HOLE, Toddlers in Tiaras, beauty queens

obsession (because all girls are crazy amirite guys*): sleepaway camp, Meadham Kirchoff, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, hoarders, John Waters movies

pink, pastel, tulle, "pretty", bubblegum, light blue, Pink ladies, Powerpuff girls, Mean Girls, MLP


Gisele B√ľndchen by Richard Burbridge for i-D 2000


Iconoclasm of Her, 2014
by Tayler Smith 


Charlotte Cullen’s show “Intimates Index” at Gal Space, London, December 2013

I think I like these last three images because they seem like they were bathed in pink and tinted with some sort of rebellion (not that they're mutually exclusive or whatever) (lol that probably made 0 sense I'm gonna stop trying to be insightful and go to sleep bye.) 


*title is a quote from Frederick Seidel


  1. I love what you said about how they're all bathed in pink but tinted with some sort of rebellion. I feeeeeel that so much. These photos are so sick and completely embody the whole teenage girl thing, the aesthetic is all right, with the pink-ness and the glitter and the pastel and the slight awkwardness and the growing and child-like doll obsession that never sort of ends. Teenage girl-dom is pretty weird, and sometimes hard to explain because we're all trying to figure things out, and teenagehood is that awkward space between keeping your child-like innocence but growing slowly into an adult, right? So there's this awesome contrast that these photos reveal. Love it, and honestly, I love photo-heavy posts, they're just so visually appealing, though that doesn't mean I don't adoooore your writing.

  2. ahh thank you so much for writing some of the things I wanted to say but was too lazy to actually type. i completely agree about teenagehood being awkwardly sandwiched between adulthood and childhood and I think there's always a struggle to either balance it out or stay completely on one side.

  3. Firstly, I see you are reading Miranda July! That is literally one of my favourite books ever. All of the stories are amazing. Did you like it?

    Secondly, really enjoyed this post. There is something beautiful and creepy about these images but I guess that fits childhood well and the whole feminine mystique thing (not sure if that is what I meant to say or just what my brain decided on but you probably get what I mean)

    Anyway, really interesting post and blog and I am now certainly following you:)

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

    1. yeah- I finished reading the Miranda July book and it was so amazing, all the stories felt like they had to have been writing for her own experiences- but they weren't, she's just such a talented writer. thank you so much! x

  4. I love ALL of these pictures, especially the last one, rebellion bathed in pink is a wonderful idea x

  5. "bathed in pink but tinted with some sort of rebellion" What a crazy/beautiful idea! These pictures are so dreamy and kind of creepy- love them! xx


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