Saturday, June 22, 2013


Hey guys, I sincerely apologize to anyone who actually wanted me to post something new. I made the horrible decision of starting my blog a week before a trip to DC and two weeks before all of my final projects were due.

I just  finished reading Ghost World (David Clowes). The book in itself is just amazing! I feel like Clowes is insanely talented for weaving in such a powerful message about friendship, loss, finding yourself and holding onto the past underneath a cynic-Daria-ish lens and a TON of nostalgia. (I feel ridiculously pretentious typing that, but yeah.) The book includes a lot of stuff on a strange sense of akward, forced, suburbian provocations in displays on sexuality and profanity so i would say mature content. 

Anywho, what I really want to focus on is the clothing. At some points in the book I just wanted to reach in and like raid Enid Coleslaw's wardrobe.
The outfits are awesome, but the part that makes it even more awesome is how effortless she looks (and acts).

I mean, come on... how rad is this outfit! The hat, the jacket, the skirt. It's amazing. It all kind of gives off a 1930s feel.

Enid's leather jacket in this scene is just beyond words. Shout out to Rebecca Doppelmeyer for those awesome shoes!

I also thought I should point out Enid's beautiful glasses.
Even more intensely spectacular glasses. 

I would say Enid Coleslaw has the kind of style that I would like to get inspiration from in my future outfits. 

*All images are scanned from my copy of Ghost World 

I hope this wasn't too fangirly and/or shallow for a first post.

See you guys later. 


  1. Oh my god, I've seen the movie a million times but I've still never gotten the book. I'm totally jealous and I'll probably get it now after seeing this post lol.

    1. I just want to say thanks because you were the FIRST person to comment on this blob, which means that you are an absolute queen worthy of a shower of faeriedust and happiness. :)

      PS. Amazon has the book for pretty cheap if you can't find any at your local bookstores.

  2. akjdshakjh love Ghost World. And love your blog too! *clicks follow* Thanks for your comment too. I answered your question about the transfer thingy.

    oh and btw I was wondering if you've ever read Fun Home? It's a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel I think you'd like it



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