Sunday, August 25, 2013

not at all creepy

"I had heard the rumors. Of people who had to wake up at 5:30 to catch the school bus. But I never knew it could happen to me."   
-an excerpt from a book I'm writing.

School starts tomorrow. This was my last week of freedom. August has and always will be an attempt to squeeze every bit of summer into one month for me. And I think it worked.

I read the Virgin Suicides, watched Freaks and Geeks, listened to Hunx and his Punx and the Smiths, all for the first time this August. By some miracle of life this summer (also known as Pandora Radio), I started listening to the British singer Paloma Faith. Her music is inspired by Etta James and Billie Holiday. Her voice is incredibly powerful but can also be shockingly soft. To summarize she's pretty much perfect. (Plus, she likes The Shining and Twin Peaks. Coolness.) I was going to add the poem I wrote about her for English class but then I realized that's kind of creepy the poem isn't that good.

In addition to being a super cool gal, she also has a killer sense of style, inspired by Marilyn Monroe, Bjork, Dita Von Teese, Grace Jones, and Marlene Dietrich. These are just some of my favorite of her style moments (in collage form y'all).

I made this collage using Picasa, which was recommended to me by a friend. This is my first time using it though (is it obvious?) The layout of Picasa is a bit clunky for me, but I don't really have any other options right now. Suggestions?

Well, now that you know about her amazing style, I feel it is my duty to also inform you about her amazing singing ability. These are some of my favorite songs by her. Click through for the Youtube link.

In no particular order:

1. New York

2. Picking Up The Pieces
3.Upside Down
4. Black and Blue 
5. Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful
6. Just Be
7. Stone Cold Sober



  1. kdfkds I love Paloma Faith! She comes from the same London borough as me: Hackney!


  2. I love Paloma!
    Your school starts tomorrow? I've got another two weeks off!

  3. Good luck with this school year!!

  4. Hi Kani!

    I hope the school year started well for you. This is my first time hearing about Paloma Faith, but that outfit with the sleeveless floral dress/black beret/ankle booties is making me think I should look her up.

    I used to use Picasa but now I use a free program called GIMP. It takes a bit to learn enough to actually do anything, but I think it's worth checking out if you have time! :)


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