Friday, August 9, 2013

Book me a ticket to Helsinki. First class.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I've been pretty busy since I've been going to 7th grade orientation since last week so I've been kind of overwhelmed by 4 hours less of sleep at night and the homework (and accompanying stress) from orientation. So, yeah. These are just some of the really cool outfits I've seen on one of my favorite street style blogs, Hel-Looks.

I love this one because of all of the different layers and concepts that were a part of it.
I <3 minimalism.    
Her hair though.
She has a flower in her bag and she's wearing what looks like the softest sweater on Earth, need I say anything more?
I really like that her look is kind of androgynous but also her skirt is one of the prettiest things I've seen in a while.
Bikini Kill, the creepers, those sunglasses which I am now obsessing over, the net bag, and vests over sweaters which I think is cool because it used to be this huge trend but now it's not really, but she's still rocking the outfit. 

I feel like I'm being so inaccurate  because I describe all of the outfits as the coolest thing ever but they are literally all the coolest things ever. I wish my vocabulary was advanced enough to describe my reactions to them better. But seriously ASDFGHJKL;'!@#$%^ HER RIPPED SWEATER QWERTYUIOP[&*){ VELVET SKIRT
*deep breath* I'm so jealous.

You know, my incoherent jumbles really do not do justice to these amazing outfits so I'll just let the pictures speak for the rest of them.

I think I like looking through street style blogs because I need confirmation that people with a unique sense of style actually exist in this world and walk the streets like the rest of us humans. Its weird because I live in Chicago and big cities are supposed to be this plethora of creative, rad people, but I never see any. Come on cool people, where are you hiding? Reveal your secret locations to me so that I may steal from your closets!

Well, that was odd. I'm afraid that's the kind of behavior that will get me shoved into a locker in middle school.
What do you guys think of these amazing outfits? Which ones are your favorites?

Excuse me while I go off to make voodoo dolls of these people so that I can steal their souls and eventually their clothes. 

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