Saturday, February 14, 2015

61 ways to say yes

 in honor of v-day/baeday/day after galentine's day, i decided to talk a bit about jean paul gaultier's couture collection ("61 ways to say yes"), which has so many strong looks, and i was originally going to pick  two to show, but that was too difficult.  there were hybrid outfits made of tutus and trousers. nothing was too serious, nothing was too overdone. 

i'm such a fan of the simplicity and the silhouette of this. the scarf is a cool touch, and the makeup is so clean.

i'm screaming at how dramatic and honest and inyourface this whole look is. am i supposed to be thinking of grace jones right now?

the whole idea of ease in couture and being able to unzip your wedding dress is so interesting. the contrast is also really attractive.

this is just so fun, i mean come on, doesn't  lindsey wixon dressed as a luxury beecatcher combined with 17th century aristocrat just make you want to smile. of course it's beautiful and ornate, but a (maybe idealistic) part of me thinks that jpg is reminding us that we can laugh at clothing, at how elitist and detached from reality it can become.

this is absolutely one of my favorites because it feels like a whirlwind action movie in the 30s starring lauren bacall on the run from the cops in her convertible with the wind blowing her scarf or something  as aesthetically pleasing as that.

i really like the length(s) of the skirt and the detail in the jacket in this outfit. i obviously approve of the visor. 

this is the ultimate cool-girl look in this collection, and i feel like it does verge on becoming ready-to-wear, but there's something undeniably elegant about a really nice jacket and a long scarf draped like that. 

the hybrid i mentioned earlier that honestly leaves me speechless. 

let me know what you think of all this in the comments, and any other wedding-inspired collections you think i should check out. i hope your v-days are full of lurve and beautiful things. 

[love's young dream: jennie augustina brounscombe]


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