Wednesday, February 11, 2015

i want to dance like her, like nobody's watching

 i took these outfit photos last year when i was really into the concept of taking up space with my clothing (for various reasons)-- and of course they got lost on the computer for ages until now!


i would say that the whole idea of wearing one of my dad's shirts as a skirt is something i enjoyed last year way too much for it to have never been shown before on this blog. it involves buttoning the shirt so that the neck goes around your waist, and pushing in the sleeves to become pockets. 

also- i'm pretty there is a big pink blob on my shirt because it had the name of my school on there. 




another thing i did a lot last year was pinning up my skirts to create what i wanted to be commes-des-garcons-esque monsters with safety pins sticking out. 

i have no idea what's up with the sock/shoe combinations i was doing in 7th grade, and i think if i were to wear these again, i would do so with something less confusing, like these Birkenstocks which i got on impulse from a thrift store for like $3 last summer (ha).

button-up // thrift
blue t-shirt // school
express flower-embroidered shirt // thrift 
shirt worn as skirt // dad's
pinned-skirt // yard-sale 
birkenstocks // thrift


feel real by deptford goth is a good theme song for this because he plays around with the concept of space a lot in the video and in the song itself, putting emphasis on the beauty that comes out of the silences. 

When I wore these outfits originally, I was thinking about what it meant to wear clothing that didn't flatter, vaguely inspired by a designer like Rei Kawakubo, who makes clothing that intentionally distorts and destroys whatever a woman's body is "supposed to look like". These clothes are not meant to shrink a woman's size or presence in the world-- by giving license to take up as much space as you wish physically, they are also commanding you to be loud and present, and fiercely there. 

cdg ss13



  1. these are so lovely and nice.

  2. These outfits are killin the game :O

  3. THE LAYERING HERE !! and the balance between colors and pattern is art <3<3 Also your thought behind this is so beautiful, the cdg feel is so strong.

  4. i really like that skirt idea and your field of interest in fashion is very interesting. Love your blog too! x


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