Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the old and bruised, in stolen shoes, you feel the same

chicago is COLD and lame, and i'm surviving through episodes of parks & rec and looking at pictures of clothes online. another nice thing is the video for lost on me by peace, which in addition to having a really nice song is also hilarious (trust me). 


  the variations on this first outfit make me feel very #cool and #90s (basically how i feel every time i wear something that's oversized)

and this outfit makes me feel like a very #cooldad who's about to get on some type of yacht in head-to-toe ralph lauren.  i also just realized that it's loosely based on some combination of harry koisser's outfit in that video, and the outfit of a really cool guy i saw at my friend's house who i was too scared to talk to because me + cool people = ;(

oversized white shirt / dad's
dress / h&m
sandals* /  thrifted
white shirt / childhood
turtleneck / thrifted
mom jeans / uo
birkenstocks* / thrifted

*i definitely was not wearing these outfits out irl because it's literally 10 degrees outside. also, side-note: i've noticed that the word 'literally' for me has lost it's meaning. like when i want to make it super obvious that i'm being sarcastic, i'll say 'literally,' and when i want to make it obvious that i'm being literally, i'll say 'actually'. weird. 

i also feel like those last sentences might end up being quoted for some think-piece for the times written by a 40-yr old man about how my generation is going to ruin everything because we spend too much money on selfie sticks or something. oh well. 

on second thought, do those think-pieces exist anymore, or have they closed 

thoughts on nyfw: 
some of my favorite shows so far are thom browne, thakoon, opening ceremony, dkny, a detacher, vfiles, yigal azrouel, rachel comey, rag & bone, diesel black gold, adeam, public school and eckhaus latta. so far i've noticed a lot of: turtlenecks, tailored pants, layering, slit skirts, big coats, deep purple, checks and plaids, and really really interesting staging. 

comment what your favorites were so i can get to know more about y'all and steal your identity <3



  1. Ugh I'm so behind on NYFW runways. I love your Yacht Dad Cool Dad outfit the most. I wish I could I could pull something like that off. Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to steal your soul in the night to learn how.


  2. "this outfit makes me feel like cool dad", I think that is the most accurate depiction of my style ever. Yes.

  3. you look so cool (like always). and yess, the nyfw has come with so many good things! looking forward to the season of turtlenecks <3

  4. ah those outfits are so rad!! also I nominated you for the liebster award, so check it out:

  5. I nominated you for the Liebster award too! Cool dads forever x


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