Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feel my heart it's aching, wish I could stop breaking, spend all day just thinking for you

So I was browsing through tumblr today and I discovered some of the amazing kitschy kawaii artwork of Justin Wallis at MILKBBI and all I have to say is wow. 

I was content with ogling at his amazing drawings on the internet but then I found out that he also sells clothing and accessories! That's right, you can wear his adorable illustrations on. your. body. And everyone will know how cool you are because of your impeccable taste.

I picked those song lyrics as my title because now I'm spending all day thinking about those lovely "Angel Eyes" tights (bottom left) and what I would wear them with if I had the money. I might just save up for them because they are just SO pretty.Sadly, I currently have no money for all of this.

Yes, I know this was a really short post but you will love me anyways, right? Right. 
Peace out cub scouts, 

(All photos from MILKBBI's website.)

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